3PL/Transportation/Warehousing Case Studies

Foodservice Company Reduces Freight Spend By 10-15% with Manhattan's TMS

Challenge: Even though growth was on the fast track for one of the largest domestic foodservice providers, they were still hampered by supply chain visibility and accuracy challenges. Without visibility, they had no way of knowing how truckload orders were impacting their entire supply chain, leading to increased costs. The company was also facing substantial increases in commodity prices, fuel and the minimum wage - critical elements in the food and restaurant industries. Complicating those challenges were ongoing limited-time promotions, which require immediate responses to spikes in demand.[more]

Scalable Platform for the Evolving Warehouse

Challenge: Many companies have a variety of distribution centers or warehouses within their own networks and extended networks. For some of these, the scale of operations, functionality requirements or available resources may not justify using a traditional WMS, yet a subset of capabilities would enhance proficiency and control.[more]

Automotive Parts Company Moves to Daily Store Fulfillment

Challenge: A leading automotive parts retailer, with more than 3,000 stores in the U.S., wanted to quickly develop their B2B channel while simultaneously growing their traditional retail channel. But their operations would have to adapt to meet the higher service level that B2B customers require.[more]

Medical Supply Company Uses Buyer's Consol to Simplify Shipments

Challenge: A large medical supply company providing mobility solutions for patients, had multiple product suppliers and several shipment delays due to CFS congestion among other factors. Shipments were often late, and because of the number of LCL shipments, labor costs were prohibitive. After years of frustration, they turned to our company for help.[more]

High-Tech Leader De-Risks Revenue and TTM Goals with Resilinc SCRM

Challenge: A $15B networking equipment provider lacked visibility to their multi-tier supply chain, could not easily identify and assess risks such as supplier "hot spots" and single points of failure, and was unable to assess risks by part, commodity, category, BUs, location, revenue impact and TTR. Finally, their process for proactive risk mitigation and re-active automated response was inadequate.[more]

Eyefreight SaaS TMS Improves Freight Management Efficiency

Challenge: One of the world's largest steel manufacturers seeks to improve the efficiency of its logistics function. The manufacturer faces two key challenges: 1.) An overall lack of efficiency of all outbound freight flows to worldwide destinations. 2.) A manual, resource-heavy process for managing all shipments, associated costs and billing activity from end to end.[more]

Improved Invoice Processing and Increased Vendor Count

Challenge: In an effort to better communicate with external partners and suppliers, a national gas and convenience store chain was looking to improve order management, invoicing and overall visibility into the supply chain.[more]

Reduced Time-Consuming Processes and Accelerated Trading Partner Onboarding

Challenge: A retailer and transporter of food goods was faced with a time-consuming integration cycle that was eating into the company’s bottom line. Their resource-constrained IT department was looking for an automated solution to simplify and accelerate its trading partner integration as well as efficiently manage complex data capture and transfer.[more]

U.S. Retailer Improves Canadian B2C access with Customized 'Courier-Like' Solution

Challenge: A U.S. retailer of outdoor recreational equipment needed a solution for managing its Canadian ecommerce operations. Specifically, the retailer wanted an IT solution to ensure compliance with all customs and brokerage fees, along with all other billing and processing services. The retailer also needed a guaranteed delivery solution for Canadian customers.[more]

Excessive Customs Fees were Impacting Electronics Retailer's Canadian Online Sales

Challenge: A leading U.S. electronics retailer successfully entered the Canadian ecommerce market, only to face higher-than expected brokerage fees, and maximum customs charges.[more]

Guitar Manufacturer Faced Multiple Customs-Related Challenges in Exporting to Canada

Challenge: A U.S. guitar manufacturer faced challenges in reaching its Canadian customers. Both U.S. and Canadian regulators had concerns with the guitars' components. The company was assessed 'per product' inspection fees, and its Canadian customers were required to pay import duties and complete customs documentation. And, a high level of damage was sustained during transit.[more]

Kenco Enables Global Retailer to Re-launch Brand in North America

Challenge: A global retailer specializing in fashion, home living, and leisure products re-launched one of its brands in North America and needed a multi-channel supply chain solution. It required a 3rd party logistics provider who could support rapid growth and meet high customer expectations. The retailer chose Kenco.[more]

Kenco Reduces Industrial Manufacturer's Space Requirement by 28%

Challenge: Kenco was operating 300,000 square feet in a 478,000 square-foot warehouse to service an industrial manufacturing client. The customer challenged Kenco to engineer a solution that consolidated product from another 350,000 square-foot distribution center into that space. This meant squeezing 650,000 square feet into a 478,000 square-foot space.[more]

Logistics Expertise Assists Entry into U.S. Market

Challenge: Recently a well-established European manufacturer of housewares decided to enter the U.S. market. Knowing how important logistics would be to the startup process, their first decision was to select an ideal logistics partner to help develop an entry plan for the American marketplace.[more]

Donating Logistics Services Amid a Logistical Nightmare

Challenge: In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan killed over 6,200 Filipinos and left nearly 2,000,000 homeless. The need for humanitarian aid was instant, urgent and widespread. The chaos was compounded by the near-annihilation of most nearby ports, making it difficult for ships to dock and distribute life-saving supplies.[more]

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