3PL/Transportation/Warehousing Case Studies

Doll Importer Needed Reliable Drayage Capacity for Highly Seasonal Business

Challenge: A manufacturer/importer of brand-name dolls and other entertainment products needed help managing its highly seasonal business. Specifically, in the intense shipping period prior to the holidays, the company needed the drayage capacity to pick up a large and steady influx of containers at LA and Long Beach ports and transport them to the company's Inland Empire warehouse.[more]

Apparel Marketer Relies on Weber Logistics for Retail-compliant Fulfillment

Challenge: A large importer/marketer of brand-name socks and other clothing needed a full service 3PL on the West Coast that could pick up product at the port, store and manage its 3,000-SKU inventory, pick and pack orders for large retailers, then ship in precise compliance with the retailers' routing guides. They turned to Weber Logistics based on our expertise in vendor compliance.[more]

Optimized Planning For A World Leader In Aluminum Production

Challenge: Quintiq needed to optimize company planning for one of the world's largest aluminum production companies. The solution needed to manage the synchronization of resources, and increase throughput to support over 1.3 million tons of annual production, producing $8 billion in annual revenue.[more]

Dispatching Optimized For Globally Leading Postal Company

Challenge: Europe's leading postal service was seeking a solution to improve its complex dispatch processes by better organizing pick-up and delivery of nearly 1.8 billion annual shipments, while maintaining consistent customer service.[more]

Fortune 500 Company Moves Final Packaging Work Into DC Operations

Challenge: Independent business units within a Fortune 500 CPG company pursued separate strategies for managing product distribution, resulting in a complex network of packaging and logistics suppliers and rising costs. The company wanted to streamline its supply chain by doing final packaging inside the distribution centers, and shipping the same amount of product from fewer, strategically located sites that carry the company's full line of products.[more]

Candy Manufacturer Shifts From Strategy for Nationwide Temp-Controlled Delivery

Challenge: A large manufacturer of candy products wanted to reduce costs and improve service for temperature-controlled deliveries from the company's East Coast manufacturing plant to Midwest and West Coast retailers. The company was using LTL carriers and experiencing poor reliability and customer service.[more]

3PL Finds a Single Platform to Launch Their Business

Challenge: A genesis of many different companies in the transportation industry, this 3PL did not have a cohesive freight management platform for their customers. The company needed a single platform that could offer robust functionality and meet customers' demands.[more]

Leading Logistics Provider Closes More Business, Develops Stronger Customer Relationships

Challenge: A global logistics and transportation service provider working in the chemical and process industries needed to update its manual processes, which could not scale to handle the company's expanding database of international contracts and rates. The company also lacked resources and staff to handle the growing volume of customer quote requests, and undifferentiated service prevented this logistics provider from rising above its competitors.[more]

Packing Lean: Contract Packaging Projects Hitting Continuous Improvement Targets

Challenge: A global healthcare company sought to improve packaging and display operations and increase utilization of equipment. The operation was housed in a 140,000 sq.-ft. facility, and suffered from frequent bottlenecks and minimal visibility to productivity reports.[more]

Landstar Puts Automotive Supply Chain on Fast Track

Challenge: A Tier 1 automotive supplier was looking to improve cost, visibility and productivity within their ground expedite network.[more]

Speedy Client OnBoarding Process Critical for 3PL Success

Challenge: 3PLs sometimes walk a fine line between being able to get a new client up and running quickly and overextending themselves in terms of systems and infrastructure before they actually sign a client. For a regional 3PL, their ability to create a new set up that would be up and running smoothly in less than ninety days was critical to successfully acquiring a new retail client. This retail client commonly receives a high volume of items without much advance notice and generally sells/ships those same items back out to customers within a very short time period.[more]

Simplifying the Growing Logistics Needs of a Construction Materials Manufacturer

Challenge: A large construction materials manufacturer was struggling to keep up with its growing supply chain needs. Coordination of international and domestic suppliers, vendors and shipments was beginning to overwhelm it.[more]

Universal uses multi-modes to provide hybrid solutions for its customers

Challenge: The client desired a multi-modal approach which would allow inventories to flow plant-to-plant faster than current rail mode while maintaining inventory and production levels. The challenge was a combination of truck capacity in a local marketplace as well as a "truck-rail-truck" approach due to significant levels of inventory moving to the Texas Marketplace.[more]

24x7 Global Parts Support for Mission-Critical Medical Equipment Uptime

Challenge: Patient care is the utmost priority for our client providing sophisticated radiation therapy and radiosurgery tools and treatment systems in over 5,000 hospitals globally. Mission-critical service parts must be available with little advance warning. A decentralized approach created serious service disruptions and inconsistencies requiring global continuity.[more]

Supporting Around the Clock Digital Document Management Systems Availability

Challenge: Serving Fortune 50 to 500 companies in industries such as finance, publishing, and legal, this international provider of digital document management technology and services is known for its reliability of 24/7 printing, sorting, and binding of documents, billing transactions and other material critical for business operations.[more]

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