3PL/Transportation/Warehousing Case Studies

Kenco Fleet Services Saves Manufacturer 20% on Material Handling Equipment

Challenge: A major U.S. manufacturer who partners with Kenco for integrated logistics solutions was spending nearly $20 million annually on material handling equipment (MHE). These costs consisted of forklift leases and maintenance on equipment less than four years old.[more]

Collaborative Transportation Management Leads To Significant Freight Bill Savings

Challenge: A leading producer, marketer and distributor of high-quality branded food products needs control, scalability and visibility to better manage and measure transportation execution management.[more]

Leading Food Company Achieves Savings By Leveraging Managed Transportation Services

Challenge: A leading supplier and solutions provider to food service, in-store bakery, and retail marketplaces needs centralized control, scalability and visibility into process to better manage and measure transportation execution management.[more]

Cost Savings Through FTZ Services

Challenge: Our customer, a large consumer electronics manufacturer, was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in customs and brokerage fees because they were not benefiting from Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) services. Realizing the great savings potential, our customer shared their need for FTZ services with us.[more]

End-to-End Solution Cuts Costs, Adds Global Supply Chain Efficiencies

Challenge: A leading manufacturer of cell phone accessories was in a crisis. Issues with an overseas partner completely shut down their supply chain. They needed a provider to quickly step in and get shipments moving.[more]

Sweet Pickings:-Manufacturer's Fulfillment and Distribution Operations Symbolize Efficiency and Accuracy

Challenge: The leader in the dark and premium chocolate industry needed to update its manual, paper-based order and fulfillment operation, and "right size" capacity and establish repeatable processes across its distribution center network.[more]

Advanced System for Set Top Boxes Improves Testing Accuracy, Reduces Expenses for Cable Operators

Challenge: Improving the testing process of set top boxes (STB), eliminating subjectivity, reducing human error, and ensuring that customers don't receive bad units, was a challenge facing one tier-one cable provider.[more]

Transition With Surgical Precision: 3PL's Solution Enables Smooth DC Start-ups

Challenge: A medical device company was not meeting inventory and process accuracy goals, and was switching its global systems to SAP. [more]

Client is Floored by Savings & Efficiencies

Challenge: Global flooring company was experiencing growing sales and increased pressure on logistics. Client had manual processes and lacked visibility. Reports showing freight spend were nonexistent. Verifying shipment deliveries became labor intensive. Client needed to become more competitive with their delivered sales pricing.[more]

Confronting the Obstacles to Inbound Management

Challenge: Before 2008, multiple transportation providers handled a solar power manufacturer's global inbound freight, but their growth necessitated a more streamlined process for managing this aspect of their business. Challenges included manual processes, limited visibility to the entire supply chain, and costly expedited shipments.[more]

Helping Three Disjointed Divisions Become One

Challenge: Resulting from significant growth through acquisition, our client, a Specialty Food Sales & Marketing firm, was challenged with consolidating three disjointed divisions. Providing customers with a single point of distribution for all product lines was paramount.[more]

Consolidation Drives 62% Reduction in Outbound Freight Costs

Challenge: A mid-market food manufacturer was experiencing high LTL freight costs for distribution to grocery and mass retail chains. It sought a 3PL partner that could combine its freight with other companies to move goods in lower-cost truckload volumes.[more]

Network Technology Manufacturer Achieves Best-in-Class Supply Chain Execution

Challenge: A leader in networking technology, this customer guarantees repair and replacement of failed hardware within 24-hours. Warehousing and transportation are not this company's core competencies, so fulfilling that promise was a challenge.[more]

Sportswear Retailer Teams Up With DHL Supply Chain-Brazil - Improves Service, Reduces Costs

Challenge: Every three months, the client introduces a new line of products, creating peak volumes on specific launch dates. Client needed to integrate their supply chain to support rapid growth projections while meeting peak volumes, reducing logistic costs, and improving service, traceability and delivery conformity.[more]

Fresh Customer Service: Focusing Intensely on What Stores Need

Challenge: A convenience store chain was experiencing issues with inconsistent and unpredictable deliveries, especially for daily deliveries of fresh items. This resulted in gaps in service for items their customers wanted and a substantial amount of lost sales.[more]

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