3PL/Transportation/Warehousing Case Studies

CPG Company Applies 'Lean Principles' - Trims Processes, Gains $85K

Challenge: Our client, a consumer packaged goods company, had struggled to incorporate a holistic view of its manufacturing and distribution capabilities. In 2009, the client partnered with LeanCor to help it start applying lean principles in efforts to make product when and where needed.[more]

Auto Manufacturer Regains Control of After-Market Parts in Asia

Challenge: Auto Manufacturer loses track of high-value Asia-made after-market parts going to dealers, despite routing through consolidators.[more]

TMS Solution Provides 16% Up-Front Transportation Savings with Business Intelligence

Challenge: Having just landed a large account of their own, our client needed to address several transportation pain points in preparation of their anticipated increase in business. Our team of logistics experts was brought in to help address these issues. [more]

US-Based Transportation & Distribution Plan Helps Canadian Company Thrive

Challenge: We worked with a Canadian client that wanted to sub-contract their US distribution operations to reduce operating costs but more importantly to allow them to focus on the core business as a manufacturer.[more]

Big-Name Brewery Masters Complexities of the Beer Market in India

Challenge: The beer market in India is highly regulated in the form of multiple taxes and duties while transporting beer across provinces. One of the largest breweries in the world, was skeptical that any kind of network design or route planning would be beneficial. Many top tier consulting firms failed to prove so.[more]

Doing it Right: New Warehouse Shines with 'Best Practice' Build

Challenge: Our client was expanding to an additional 120,000 square foot facility and needed assistance with facility layout & design of the newly secured warehouse space.[more]

4PL Gives Rail Transport Equipment Leader 100% Reliability, 50% Savings

Challenge: A worldwide leader in rail transportation equipment hired us to manage the entire supply chain process. The client chose us, a 4th Party Logistics (4PL) provider over 3PL service providers because of our unique advantages - a single point of contact for the entire supply chain, more agile in responding to market changes, and being independent of assets to be able to select only the best service providers for the client.[more]

It Pays (Big!) to Have Spend Management on Your Side

Challenge: This national educational materials company suspected they weren't getting the best parcel shipping rates that they could and turned to Insource Spend Management Group to help recover revenue and cut costs. The company had negotiated their own parcel shipping contracts with a leading worldwide 3PL in the past, and after 30 years thought they were getting the best rates they could on their own.[more]

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