Discover How One Command Cut Inventory by $4.5 Billion

Challenge: This 65,000-employee command is responsible for planning all things logistic for a branch of the service. This command had made an investment in an SAP ERP system. However, things didn't improve as expected. "Even after the ERP deployment, we didn't let go of how we'd always done business" explains David Frey. Frey was charged with improving efficiency across the command.

Solution: Frey opted for a full Integrated Business Planning program. IBP integrates diverse processes and plans from individual business functions to form one holistic organizational plan. This command’s process was designed in five days and functioning inside eight weeks.

Results: With a 24-month future view of demand, “We will cut inventory by $4.5 billion by the end of this year,” says Jim Dwyer, “without any degradation in readiness. Because of the way IBP allows us to be proactive, we can also see billions of dollars of opportunity cost savings into the future.”

About the Solution Provider: Oliver Wight principals are thought leaders in Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP) and Integrated Planning and Control. We not only educate, we coach and mentor your people so that they have the understanding needed to sustain the operation of the processes using best practices and to continuously improve the processes.



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