Military/Aerospace Company Gains Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Challenge: Our client, a large manufacturer of interconnect products, deployed InfinityQS software in its military/aerospace division. The application allows users to conduct extensive comparative quality data analysis throughout the enterprise and across the supply chain.

Solution: With this solution, our client can simultaneously audit both internal and external quality data on a single platform. The system's real-time data sharing capabilities facilitate collaboration across plants and eliminate the need for the manual assimilation of data from multiple sources and locations. Our client is also benefiting from the reduction of maintenance costs that an on-demand solution provides. The company is incurring no capital expenses from additional servers and associated support to maintain this quality system, resulting in an affordable and predictable total cost of ownership.

Results: While most solutions provide the ability to create the required charts, our client was particularly interested in InfinityQS' ability to create and monitor multiple projects and receive data from multiple suppliers simultaneously.

About the Solution Provider: InfinityQS provides real-time statistical analysis and visibility of quality data while products are still at the supplier's facility. Using this system, manufacturers are saving the time and expense of receiving defective products. If a problem occurs at any of a supplier's facilities, InfinityQS' ProFicientâ"žÂ¢ software will immediately send out notifications.



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