Universal Uses Multi-Modes to Provide Customized Solutions for its Customers

Challenge: Severe congestion for customer because retrograde moving back to US ports from Iraq. Expedited move of 6.2 million lbs. of heavy rolling stock origin to destination to be completed within 18 days. Length of haul, maintaining control of the cargo and expedite to destination within constrained RRD. Rail not an option due to congestion at the destination and their ability to quickly unload rail cars.

Solution: The Port and proximity of inland water ways allowed Universal to utilize a multi-modal approach. Cargo was moved on several barges to the port of Shreveport. It was unloaded and moved via multi-axle trailers to the destination 80 miles away.

Results: 6.2 million lbs. of rolling stock cleared from port, the destination offloaded and all cargo was received 4 days ahead of required delivery, allowing our customer to utilize inland waterways for 1st time in over 10 years.

About the Solution Provider: Universal is a leading asset-light provider of customized transportation and logistics solutions. We provide our customers with supply chain solutions that can be scaled to meet changing demands and volumes. We offer a comprehensive suite of services for your entire supply chain including transportation, value-added, intermodal and specialized services.

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