Automotive/Industrial Case Studies

Automotive Manufacturer Eliminates Supply Chain Damage Using Impact Monitoring System

Challenge: A major international automotive manufacturer was experiencing a high rate of supply chain damage. The component racks which held car parts during transit had passed impact and vibration testing, but shipments were still arriving damaged. With no way to tell what was causing the damage, the automotive company had to get creative.[more]

New Validation Solution Ensures Data Accuracy and Avoids Shipment Delays

Challenge: For a major luxury apparel retailer, missing and inaccurate data in its suppliers' Advance Ship Notices (ASN) caused shipment delays, lost time spent finding and correcting errors, and bad data polluting the retailer's ERP.[more]

Equipment Provider Keeps Processes on Pace With Accelerating Growth

Challenge: As a quickly growing business, one of the world's largest infrastructure and irrigation equipment providers realized its existing approach to managing freight invoices wasn't keeping up. An entirely manual process – from tearing envelopes to rubber stamping G/L codes – the company was not only wasting valuable time and resources, but encountering costly errors.[more]

Nobody Thinks About Cargo Insurance. Until A Million Dollars Goes Up in Smoke.

Challenge: The Operations VP of an oil and pipeline construction company recently admitted there was a time when he wondered if his company's cargo insurance policy was worth it. The company sources goods from around the world, moves cargo by multiple modes and runs a supply chain through some of the world's most high-risk countries. Thanks to meticulous packing and some good luck, they'd had very few supply chain incidents over 11 years. Until one summer. That June, a truckload of welding equipment heading to Moscow caught fire. The $809,000 shipment was a total loss. One month later, a cargo ship carrying two of the company's containers, worth $150,000, caught fire. Those containers were also a total loss.[more]

Industrial Automation Software Accelerates DC's Shipping, Improves Accuracy, Increases Speed

Challenge: High-volume publisher was experiencing high growth, increasing demand, and a rotating, diminishing workforce. They needed to automate their manual operation to reduce reliance on labor, increase speed and earn substantial shipping discounts.[more]

A Clear View of the Supply Chain

Challenge: In 2005, a world-renowned brand of outdoor apparel was running a complex supply chain, but struggled with efficiency in managing the large amount of data from its suppliers and supply chain providers.[more]

Real Time Freight Visibility That Saves Time & Money

Challenge: Holding contracts with over 5,000 carriers that handle a range of brokered and high-value loads, the company tracked loads by making time-consuming, inaccurate and ineffective driver check calls, then manually entered location and status updates for customers.[more]

How a Leading Brewing Company Went From Zero to Hero

Challenge: A leading brewing company with over 400 distributors was not able to meet retailer demands for automating critical supply chain processes from purchasing to replenishment. At the threat of losing precious retail shelf space, the brewer undertook a journey that would transform its manual processes to an industry-leading B2B integration program, which now has retailers calling it for supply chain advice.[more]

Achieving Break-Through Savings and Improved Trade Compliance

Challenge: The client, a large Fortune 500 company, is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of clean air and automotive products and systems. The company had been expanding their manufacturing and engineering footprint as they grew operations worldwide.[more]

Increased Throughput and Accuracy in High-End Jewelry Distribution Center

Challenge: ScottTech worked with a high-end jewelry manufacturer that was looking to increase throughput and accuracy in their main distribution center. They were seeking automation tools and processes that satisfied stringent quality and efficiency metrics.[more]

Robust Engineering and Planning Prove Vital to Redesigned Car Launch

Challenge: A U.S. automotive OEM customer's redesign of one of its car models required Comprehensive Logistics to re-engineer our 640,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing-support facility. This changeover needed to be completed in five weeks.[more]

Leveraging FTZ 49 to Promote Import/Export Growth

Challenge: Today's 3PLs need every advantage to make them consistently more attractive to diverse client types year round.[more]

Livingston Facilitates Finely-Tuned Global Shipping For Manufacturer of Acoustical Products.

Challenge: As the market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of custom acoustical ceiling and wall products, our client requires reliable global shipping for its success.[more]

Renewed Freight Payment and Audit Relationship Strengthens Supply Chain

Challenge: After working with a large manufacturer to manage their freight bill audit and payment, the client chose to move the business to a logistics provider to support these and other supply chain needs. After a period of time with the company, however; they determined they were not receiving an adequate return on investment for the services.[more]

Complete Supply Chain Visibility of All Your Carriers!

Challenge: Difficulty to get accurate and timely location updates on brokered loads. Traditional in-cab solutions are too costly to install and too difficult to deploy to all outside carriers.[more]

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