Automotive/Industrial Case Studies

High-tech Retailer Combats Tumultuous Growth Period with Supply Chain Visibility

Challenge: This high tech company was acquired and entered a period of rapid growth through a series of additional acquisitions. Behind the scenes, this company's supply chain had to keep pace with this growth - a tall order in a time of change.[more]

Freight Audit and Payment Saves Auto Manufacturer More Than $1 Million

Challenge: A large auto manufacturer struggled with cumbersome, manual paper freight audit and payment processing. As their business grew, their existing internal processes could not keep up.[more]

Software and Uncoupled Pod System Helps Increase Accuracy and Efficiency

Challenge: A third party logistics company, distributing medical devices was looking to increase inventory accuracy as well as throughput of order picking during their peak hours. However, any solution that is presented must be able to accommodate more than one person as a picker.[more]

Network Design and Flow Mapping Case Study

Challenge: GEODIS' target was to bring savings to an industrial company located in Brazil that produces construction and high-performance materials. The customer has 5 different lines of business each working with multiple carriers and sites (21 plants and 19 distributions centers) to carry 176,000 tons a year for a total cost spend of $10 million. The mission was to bring savings by advising optimizations on 500 transportation network roads.[more]

Innovative Solution Resolves Sticky Situation in Headliner Sub-assembly Process

Challenge: Our company faced a quality issue originating during our sub-assembly of headliners for a major customer, a Fortune 100 automotive OEM. Strands of the glue used to affix wiring harnesses and other parts to headliners’ C-surfaces were ending up on their A-surfaces as well and were not detected in the QA process. The problem was discovered after finished headliners were installed on vehicles. We needed to make detection easier and meet production cycle times and quality standards.[more]

Coatings Leader Achieves End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility with OMP Plus

Challenge: A global leader in specialty coatings was going through a multi-system migration and decided to select a state-of-the-art global end-to-end planning and scheduling platform including truck load building. This platform needed to cover 17 production sites, over 200 warehouses, fully integrate with their SAP landscape and support daily use by over 200 global users.[more]

QuestaWeb's Technology Solves Complex Automation Challenges of a Dual-Purpose FTZ

Challenge: A fragrance and flavor company wanted to create one foreign trade zone in which it could perform both distribution and manufacturing functions. Due to its many product formulations - and ingredients coming from both U.S. and international sources - tracking inventory was quite complex. Some incoming ingredients were never used in manufacturing and sold in their raw state.[more]

QuestaWeb Technology Solves Broker's Operating Challenges and Confers ACE Readiness

Challenge: A large broker with multiple operating locations relied on antiquated broker technology and used a separate system for forwarding operations. The firm needed to acquire one integrated solution to satisfy all of its trade compliance needs. Beyond seeking user-friendly technology accessible by all its offices, the software needed to accommodate highly specialized accounting functions.[more]

Improving Efficiency and Accuracy in Financial Group's Mail Distribution Center

Challenge: A financial group was growing steadily and was faced with a lack of accuracy and efficiency in the mail distribution center. Since they received and distributed highly sensitive insurance paperwork it was crucial for them to maintain efficiency and accuracy when expanding the sorting system.[more]

How Do You Track Your Outside Carrier?

Challenge: Spending two to three hours daily making as many as 60 check calls to 30 drivers was limiting the time company could spend working with customers and generating new business.[more]

Manufacturer Improves Strategic Supply and Demand Chain with Amber Road

Challenge: This global leader in power and automation technologies operates in 100 countries and managed its international trade using a partly decentralized model. However, as the company grew and new trade agreements were ratified, their supply chain became more complex.[more]

Industrial Manufacturer Reduces Inventory with Demand Planning in the Cloud

Challenge: An accurate forecast is essential for supply chain optimization, and can ultimately lead to increased sales. Using spreadsheets can limit visibility and collaboration, needed to achieve consensus decisions that enable balancing supply and demand, while reducing inventory costs.[more]

China-Based Automotive Logistics Company Creates a Modern Automobile Logistics Park

Challenge: In order to create a unified automobile supply chain logistics platform, this Chinese company needed to reduce uncertainty of the coordination process through information sharing and integration.[more]

Kenco Reduces Freight Costs 49% with Postponement Packaging

Challenge: A kitchen and bath manufacturer was experiencing reduced trailer cube capacity due to the large packaging requirements of its product line. The customer wanted to increase cube capacity to reduce freight expenses.[more]

Motor Coach Manufacture Finds Reliable Service to and Across Canada

Challenge: When a motor coach breaks down, time is of the essence in having the right part on hand. But as this Kentucky-based manufacturer learned, establishing an efficient inventory distribution system can be a daunting challenge, especially in the sizeable Canadian market. Shipments were chronically late, and the company's warehouse solution proved incapable of servicing the entire country. And to make matters worse, the company's logistics provider did not seem interested in solving these problems.[more]

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