Automotive/Industrial Case Studies

Re-Framing Transportation

Challenge: A leading OEM required significant flatbed capacity and more efficient scheduling for transporting frames from supplier to assembly plants.[more]

nxFAST Delivers Innovative Supply Chain Optimization Solutions

Challenge: An industry-leading manufacturing company with multiple suppliers needed greater visibility of actual activity to balance planned activity against operational decisions. To ensure the manufacturing process is not interrupted, containers are often required to be shipped on short notice, and the company needed a way to reduce expedited shipping charges.[more]

Purolator's Customized Solution Improves Transit Time, Cuts Costs

Challenge: For a company that built its reputation on flawless customer service, this Tennessee-based B2B supplier of safety equipment was disheartened by its chronically late, and frequently error-laden shipments to Canada. Mistakes seemed to be happening throughout its entire distribution chain: Incorrect SKUs, inefficient transit routes, high costs and ineffective technology systems were among the many problems.[more]

Garden Supply B2B Finds Greater Efficiency in Reaching Canadian Market

Challenge: When a large U.S. B2B supplier of gardening tools and equipment decided to expand to the Canadian market, it enlisted its U.S.-based logistics provider to service its new Canadian customers, and assumed all would proceed as planned.[more]

Passing the Eye Test: Innovative Lighting Solution Resolves Sticky Situation

Challenge: Our company faced a quality issue originating during our sub-assembly of headliners for a major customer, a Fortune 100 automotive OEM. Strands of the glue used to affix wiring harnesses and other parts to headliners' C-surfaces were ending up on their A-surfaces as well and were not detected in the QA process. The problem was discovered after finished headliners were installed on vehicles. We needed to make detection easier and meet production cycle times and quality standards.[more]

Operational Changes Yield Bumper Crop of Supply Chain Improvements

Challenge: A Fortune 100 agricultural-equipment manufacturer had high labor costs and turnover rates. Other issues included: excessive material handling equipment; no inbound scheduling procedure; lack of visibility; excessive trailer pool; the absence of a tracking software. The manufacturer turned to us to resolve these issues.[more]

Automotive Parts Company Moves to Daily Store Fulfillment

Challenge: A leading automotive parts retailer, with more than 3,000 stores in the U.S., wanted to quickly develop their B2B channel while simultaneously growing their traditional retail channel. But their operations would have to adapt to meet the higher service level that B2B customers require.[more]

QuestaWeb Technology Automates $6 Billion Firm's Importing Processes

Challenge: The U.S. subsidiary of a $6 billion multinational electronics and electrical equipment company imported products from its Japanese headquarters using manual processes. Beyond the inefficiencies of using paper documentation and having brokers manually key data, the post-import reconciliation of broker documents for correctness and compliance was labor intensive.[more]

QuestaWeb Solution Automates Export Compliance for Both Manual and Electronic Shipments

Challenge: A U.S. manufacturer of consumer and business products exported globally using both electronic and manual processes. The firm sought to centralize all export compliance activities in one solution that could perform denied party screening and manage Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) and export tariffs.[more]

Biotech Leader Supports Life-Saving Mission with Resilinc Resiliency Solution

Challenge: One of the world's leading biotechnology providers with over $20B in revenue and a commitment to ensure that no patient ever goes without their life-saving medicine, needed to manage better the risk of disruption to its global life-sustaining supply chain. Key challenges included gaining visibility and working collaboratively with suppliers from all over the globe -- based in countries with different regulatory and geo-political environments and risks.[more]

Moving Heavy Machinery in the Cloud

Challenge: With a supply chain spanning the farthest reaches of the globe, it wasn't uncommon for this heavy equipment manufacturer to lose sight of its shipments, resulting in frequent delivery delays and headaches for its dealers. Traditional point-to-point solutions were falling short in the supply chain.[more]

Dock Scheduling Solution Delivers $1 Million+ ROI for Machinery Manufacturer

Challenge: A global Fortune 500 heavy machinery manufacturer experienced challenges on inbound freight moves from their vendors. Carriers were experiencing 4-6 hour wait times upon arriving at the customer’s assembly plants to deliver mission-critical parts. In addition to incurring demurrage (waiting) charges from the carriers and overtime pay costs to unload the backlog of deliveries, their carriers were reluctant to deliver to these plants and offered non-favorable rates.[more]

Global Marine Engineering Firm Standardizes Procurement of Temporary Crew Positions

Challenge: The sourcing team within a global marine engineering firm was challenged with standardizing its temporary personnel procurement process, specifically for crew staff for its fleet of 100 maritime vessels. As the team collected global requirements, it became clear that a number of factors would add complexity throughout the process, as there were 34 different staffing vendors with multiple compensation frameworks fulfilling the 46 crew positions utilized in 9 geographical regions.[more]

Kenco Reduces Industrial Manufacturer's Space Requirement by 28%

Challenge: Kenco was operating 300,000 square feet in a 478,000 square-foot warehouse to service an industrial manufacturing client. The customer challenged Kenco to engineer a solution that consolidated product from another 350,000 square-foot distribution center into that space. This meant squeezing 650,000 square feet into a 478,000 square-foot space.[more]

Construction Equipment Manufacturer Identifies 12-15% Cost Savings

Challenge: A global manufacturer of construction equipment needed to reduce inventory holding costs and improve response times for spare part deliveries to customers.[more]

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