How a Leading Brewing Company Went From Zero to Hero

Challenge: A leading brewing company with over 400 distributors was not able to meet retailer demands for automating critical supply chain processes from purchasing to replenishment. At the threat of losing precious retail shelf space, the brewer undertook a journey that would transform its manual processes to an industry-leading B2B integration program, which now has retailers calling it for supply chain advice.

Solution: Using OpenText B2B Managed Services, the brewer automated manual processes that previously touched 25 different business systems, and was able to standardize communications across its vast distributor and retail network. They now have a real-time pulse on orders and inventory globally, ensuring it can meet customer and market demand.

Results: To date, the brewer has removed 4.3 million total labor hours from its distributor-to-retailer supply chain, and they reallocated 2,067 resources to higher value activities—translating to $86 million in savings and productivity gains. More importantly, the brewer has transformed its supply chain from zero to hero, and sets the bar for their retail customers.

About the Solution Provider: OpenText Business Network integrates messaging and B2B Integration services such as secure mail, large file transfer and EDI within a single platform – enabling transactions in the cloud or on-premises.



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