Increased Throughput and Accuracy in High-End Jewelry Distribution Center

Challenge: ScottTech worked with a high-end jewelry manufacturer that was looking to increase throughput and accuracy in their main distribution center. They were seeking automation tools and processes that satisfied stringent quality and efficiency metrics.

Solution: ScottTech installed 6 carousels, a tote handling conveyor system, a bulk picking area, carton flow area for high-volume items, a consolidation pack/verify station, and the ScottTech PickPro ICS warehouse management system.

Results: These changes resulted in an increase in productivity of not 200 lines, and not the 250 estimated but during the last week of the training process, an average of 360 lines per hour per operator—with the fastest picker achieving a rate of 457 lines in an hour. Overall throughput and accuracy increased exponentially.

About the Solution Provider: ScottTech is a systems integrator that specializes in secondary packaging line integration as well as automation for warehouse and distribution centers.



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