Leveraging FTZ 49 to Promote Import/Export Growth

Challenge: Today's 3PLs need every advantage to make them consistently more attractive to diverse client types year round.

Solution: 3PLs can register to participate in FTZ 49. This makes them more attractive to businesses hoping to gain deferral, reduction, simplification, or elimination of certain duties, fees, taxes, and procedures normally imposed at or near the Port of New York and New Jersey. Many pharmaceutical firms, flavor/fragrance manufacturers, watchmakers, food importers/distributors, auto processors/importers, and oil companies currently benefit from FTZ 49 status.

Results: A win-win situation. 3PL FTZ operators enjoy a new and steadier customer base on both the import and export sides while their clients benefit from outsourcing their warehousing requirements, increasing quality controls for packing and “kitting,” operating under FTZ easements, and enjoying the heightened security conditions mandated under FTZ charters.

About the Solution Provider: 
Located in the heart of the Northeast Corridor this port moves $200 billion in cargo each year. Approximately 70 percent of our incoming vessels make this port their first port of call. With investments including raising the Bayonne Bridge, the NY/NJ port is the premier East Coast port of North America.

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