Livingston Facilitates Finely-Tuned Global Shipping For Manufacturer of Acoustical Products.

Challenge: As the market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of custom acoustical ceiling and wall products, our client requires reliable global shipping for its success.

Solution: Livingston is the client’s sole provider of freight and customs brokerage services for both import of raw materials and export of finished products, globally. While the client focuses on the business of acoustics, Livingston manages the freight, letters of credit and local VAT payments, and coordinates inland shipping.

Results: Speed of delivery: Livingston helps the client move its product seamlessly and on time. Ease of doing business: The client isn’t hampered by the varying time zones, language differences or unique local international trade regulations – Livingston’s agents take care of everything. Improved compliance: Livingston helps the client ensure compliance with local customs regulations in all of the countries in which it does business.

About the Solution Provider: Livingston focuses on customs brokerage and trade compliance, offering trade consulting, global trade management, freight forwarding, and trade technology solutions. We simplify importing and exporting by managing the vast nexus of government agencies, regulations and protocols. We create a fast and efficient digital information exchange enabling goods to flow seamlessly across borders.



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