Renewed Freight Payment and Audit Relationship Strengthens Supply Chain

Challenge: After working with a large manufacturer to manage their freight bill audit and payment, the client chose to move the business to a logistics provider to support these and other supply chain needs. After a period of time with the company, however; they determined they were not receiving an adequate return on investment for the services.

Solution: Upon reaching this conclusion, they terminated the arrangement and returned to our comprehensive, online solution to streamline and automate their freight audit and payment processes.

Results: Within months, our client improved internal operations and efficiencies—more than doubling their ability to process transactions without adjusting the size of their workforce. Moreover, the solution enabled our client to pay their carriers on time – improving relationships – and gain the business intelligence needed to make their supply chain a strategic advantage.

About the Solution Provider: U.S. Bank Freight Payment provides the visibility you need to remove costs, improve working capital and create efficiencies with a freight payment partner you can trust. - Uncover savings with 100% pre-payment audit. - Resolve exceptions quickly and reduce errors by collaborating online. - Gain complete oversight of all funds received and disbursed.



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