Balancing Optimization and Response Planning in BioPharma with OMP Plus

Challenge: An innovative producer of vaccines including Pediatric, Specialty and Meningitis, was dealing with a complex multi-layered capacity constrained production plan with variable demand.

Solution: Implementing OMP Plus provides a holistic, advanced optimization of the global network of production and distribution facilities and the ability to quickly generate a constrained production plan in response to forecasted demand. In addition, biopharmaceutical constraints are taken into account. These include shelf life, cross-contamination risk limitations, internal and governmental QA release times and campaign planning. OMP Plus enables collaborative scenario comparison resulting in prioritization between the different product families.

Results: Now, the production plan generation time is drastically reduced and the increased ability to respond in an agile way to changes in the forecast is key for the business. OMP Plus embeds scenario management visualizing financial and capacity impacts of the different plans to be compared and empowers the best decision to be made.

About the Solution Provider: OM Partners is the leading software solution provider optimizing Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling Solutions for Semi-Process (chemicals, life sciences, CPG, food) and Mill Products industries (paper and packaging, metals, floor covering, tires). The integrated solution OMP Plus enables value and reality based S&OP and IBP. Main Offices are located in Atlanta, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Antwerp, London and Paris.



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