Leading Logistics Provider Closes More Business, Develops Stronger Customer Relationships

Challenge: This global logistics and transportation service provider for the chemical and process industries needed to automate its contract management and pricing process due to a growing volume of customer quote requests.

Solution: The logistics provider selected Amber Road's Transportation Management solution to provide its customers with flexible and competitive routing and rate options for international shipments. The web-based solution manages costs, automates the generation of quotes and proposals, and helps in complying with tariff filing requirements. The company can centrally manage its ocean service contracts, creating "calculable contracts," and can compare full bottom-line rates across multiple service contracts, modes of transport, routings and service levels.

Results: The company has optimized carrier selection, reduced transportation costs, and can help clients handle complex rate requests. "Amber Road has helped us significantly improve customer satisfaction and contributed to growing our business internationally," said the SVP of Global Marine & International Logistics Services.

About the Solution Provider: Amber Road's (NYSE: AMBR) mission is to improve the way companies manage their international supply chains and conduct global trade. As a leading provider of cloud based global trade management (GTM) solutions, we automate the global supply chain across sourcing, logistics, cross-border trade, and regulatory compliance activities to dramatically improve operating efficiencies and financial performance.

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