Customer Relationship Management Case Studies

Strategic Sourcing and Inbound Transportation Solutions

Challenge: A natural foods distributor had a significant freight spend with specific requirements for each shipment. Because of this and their distribution network, their carrier base was large and consolidated. Each carrier specialized in a certain region of the country, so it was difficult to handle opportunities on a national scale. Because of Veritiv's national footprint, the distributor was interested in partnering with Veritiv™ Logistics Solutions (VLS) for inbound transportation.[more]

NetSuite Provides Unified Cloud Platform for Large Distributor

Challenge: A distributor of industrial equipment found itself saddled with siloed applications running in a fragmented IT environment that provided little visibility. Productivity suffered as staff had to manually process, import and export data across multiple systems, and a lack of real-time client information was causing needless delays and lost opportunities for sales and customer service.[more]

Customized VMI Template + SaaS Architecture = Client Success!

Challenge: Before our client moved to Datalliance, they recognized that their older VMI system was becoming a limitation as more of their customers became interested in VMI. That system required considerable time commitments from IT, sales, and customer service to bring new customers on board. The client realized that they couldn't expand the program at the required pace. The ability to implement VMI quickly and effectively with a broader range of customers was critical to their success, but we needed to find a better approach.[more]

Integrated Business Software Solution Saves Labor Hours, Reaps Significant ROI

Challenge: During their start-up years our client lacked an integrated business software solution to accurately track job hours and material costs. As a result, our client was grossly undercharging for their services, resulting in year-over-year profit loss.[more]

ERP System Brings 95% Savings, 100% On-Time Delivery with Single-Source Solution

Challenge: Meticulous in manufacturing performance and nimble in the ability to optimize plant and supply chain operations are the requirements for our client to meet a diverse range of customer specifications and shipment protocols. With a bar coding software that used up to 12 different databases, and a manual import/export process between EDI and the multiple vendor solutions that made up their ERP application, their system did not support their goals for flexibility and efficiency.[more]

Parts Returns and Warranties Process Overhaul Sees $3.5M Annual Savings

Challenge: Our client's 130 branches were each responsible for managing their parts-return process and securing the appropriate credit and/or replacement parts from their suppliers. The branches had approximately 700,000 parts (across 8,300 SKUs) that needed to be analyzed manually to determine warranty status and appropriate disposition - return for credit, refurbishment or replacement or scrap. Only 10% of parts identified as defective were being returned.[more]

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