Customized VMI Template + SaaS Architecture = Client Success!

Challenge: Before our client moved to Datalliance, they recognized that their older VMI system was becoming a limitation as more of their customers became interested in VMI. That system required considerable time commitments from IT, sales, and customer service to bring new customers on board. The client realized that they couldn't expand the program at the required pace. The ability to implement VMI quickly and effectively with a broader range of customers was critical to their success, but we needed to find a better approach.

Solution: In collaboration with Datalliance, the client has successfully addressed those challenges. With Datalliance's SaaS architecture and extensive VMI expertise, they are now accomplishing their VMI expansion goals.

Results: Today with Datalliance, our client has a much higher success rate. Datalliance provides a proven VMI implementation template and then works with clients to customize the template for every customer.

About the Solution Provider: Datalliance is the world's leading independent VMI service provider. Delivered via the 'Software as a Service' model, Datalliance VMI makes it easy for suppliers and their customers to establish sales and inventory management relationships that fully align business objectives, improve collaboration, and streamline supply chain operations.



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