Global Trade Management Case Studies

Order Collaboration Yields ROI for Leading Apparel Manufacturer

Challenge: A manufacturer of top-tier athletic apparel and footwear is also a supplier for its own retail and wholesale channels. As a global company, it lacked visibility into purchase orders and struggled with shipment tracking. This led to restrictions in the company’s ability to collaborate with a supplier base of several hundred vendors and factories — as well as limited end-to-end visibility.[more]

Global Retailer Maximizes Supply Chain Performance With Improved Collaboration

Challenge: Inconvenienced by manually intensive processes, this global retailer of handbags and accessories recognized the need to transform its internal and external supply chain processes - facilitating the access of information with strategic trading partners, especially raw material suppliers. The company needed to standardize data management processes associated with material management, BOMs, costing collaboration and supplier allocation.[more]

Achieving Break-Through Savings and Improved Trade Compliance

Challenge: The client, a large Fortune 500 company, is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of clean air and automotive products and systems. The company had been expanding their manufacturing and engineering footprint as they grew operations worldwide.[more]

Why U.S. Should Care if Britain Ends European Union Membership

Britain's departure from the European Union could send shock waves across the global economy and threaten more than a trillion dollars in investment and trade with the United States.[more]

Manufacturer Improves Visibility and Supplier Compliance with BSI's SCM Solution

Challenge: A large manufacturer was spending countless hours updating spreadsheets, reviewing supplier assessments, issuing corrective actions, and trying to track their suppliers' compliance, risk and performance ratings manually. They realized this manual approach wasn't sustainable as they continue to grow and vet additional suppliers. They began looking for a service provider that provided a single solution to help automate their assessment process, and improve their supply chain visibility.[more]

Livingston Facilitates Finely-Tuned Global Shipping For Manufacturer of Acoustical Products.

Challenge: As the market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of custom acoustical ceiling and wall products, our client requires reliable global shipping for its success.[more]

Code Red: Who are your High Risk Suppliers?

Challenge: A large manufacturer was searching for a provider that could offer an end-to-end solution to enhance their supply chain visibility, identify high risk sourcing countries and suppliers, and streamline their global audit and corrective action management program. They turned to us because of our holistic risk management solutions and services.[more]

Leading Logistics Provider Closes More Business, Develops Stronger Customer Relationships

Challenge: This global logistics and transportation service provider for the chemical and process industries needed to automate its contract management and pricing process due to a growing volume of customer quote requests.[more]

QuestaWeb's Technology Solves Complex Automation Challenges of a Dual-Purpose FTZ

Challenge: A fragrance and flavor company wanted to create one foreign trade zone in which it could perform both distribution and manufacturing functions. Due to its many product formulations - and ingredients coming from both U.S. and international sources - tracking inventory was quite complex. Some incoming ingredients were never used in manufacturing and sold in their raw state.[more]

QuestaWeb Technology Solves Broker's Operating Challenges and Confers ACE Readiness

Challenge: A large broker with multiple operating locations relied on antiquated broker technology and used a separate system for forwarding operations. The firm needed to acquire one integrated solution to satisfy all of its trade compliance needs. Beyond seeking user-friendly technology accessible by all its offices, the software needed to accommodate highly specialized accounting functions.[more]

Beverage Producer Improves Carrier Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Challenge: This leading producer of spirits and wine lacked visibility of its ocean shipments and carrier performance levels. The company relied on each partner's individual tracking system, a process made more difficult as exports and revenues grew.[more]

QuestaWeb Technology Automates $6 Billion Firm's Importing Processes

Challenge: The U.S. subsidiary of a $6 billion multinational electronics and electrical equipment company imported products from its Japanese headquarters using manual processes. Beyond the inefficiencies of using paper documentation and having brokers manually key data, the post-import reconciliation of broker documents for correctness and compliance was labor intensive.[more]

QuestaWeb Solution Automates Export Compliance for Both Manual and Electronic Shipments

Challenge: A U.S. manufacturer of consumer and business products exported globally using both electronic and manual processes. The firm sought to centralize all export compliance activities in one solution that could perform denied party screening and manage Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) and export tariffs.[more]

Global Food Manufacturer Achieves Significant Supply Chain and Duty Savings

Challenge: This global food manufacturer and distributor is one of the world's largest companies, exporting to over 70 countries. With an eye toward sustainable growth, the company realized their global trade process needed a transformation – manually intensive processes would often lead to inaccurate duty payments, documentation errors, and shipment delays.[more]

Global Semiconductor Provider Streamlines Compliance and Logistics with Amber Road

Challenge: Our customer, a global provider of high performance power semiconductors used in electronic devices, had grown quickly with eleven acquisitions over seven years, and they needed an effective global trade strategy. The company needed to prioritize export compliance, simplify international trade, and standardize worldwide business processes across its offices in 17 countries.[more]

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