Imagine Where You Can Go With The Right Automation

Challenge: A pharmaceutical company's existing manual pick/pass picking system was constrained due to unbalanced workload across the operation — flooding some zones while others had no orders to pick.

Solution: The new system FORTE designed is built around an automated central conveyor tightly integrated with the FORTE Smart Warehouse Suite™ of warehouse execution software (WES). The system incorporates all of the complicated logic required to ensure maximum picking efficiency while also monitoring various conditions, so that all zones are continually supplied with totes, without flooding any individual zone.

Results: The automated system provides capability for 30 percent improvement in picker productivity. Overall facility throughput capacity increased by 20 percent. Putaway cycle time was reduced by 40 percent. All of the labor associated with order preparation and order start was eliminated, which led to a 200 percent increase in induction capacity. Outbound quality check/pack productivity improved 30 percent.

About the Solution Provider: FORTE, a Swisslog company, designs and implements distribution systems for leading brands. We provide objective, equipment-agnostic material handling solutions to help you grow with automation.



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