Planning/Forecasting Case Studies

Tracking Inventory in Motion

Challenge: Trading partners need to trust that inventory will arrive when scheduled — particularly during item promotions. Historically, location and arrival time was obtained via driver phone calls. But these projected arrival times didn’t consider traffic and weather conditions, and they were often too optimistic.[more]

4SIGHT Raises the Bar for Major Retailer: A Tier-1 WMS Success Story

Challenge: A major retailer was experiencing rapid growth combined with increased customer demands.[more]

Building a Modern Supply Chain Network

Challenge: For this agricultural spare parts distributor, each country was served by its own separate supply chain. While strategically placed near customers, it presented challenges with stock availability at each distribution center and in dynamically organizing and fulfilling across multiple distribution centers. In addition, the distributor's own organic growth and strategic acquisitions had left it with fragmented IT infrastructure that was hard to extend.[more]

Using Integrated Business Planning to Enhance Integration of All Functions

Challenge: A multi-national corporation producing personal care products had several business units struggling to align all functions. Surprises and expediting were part of the management process; long-term visibility was not holistic. Decisions were made in silos without a formal review. A major difference between what was planned and was executed resulted.[more]

Integrated Business Planning As a Process in a Business Turnaround

Challenge: A food company with flat revenue and growth in a five-year period struggled to increase market share and household penetration where expectations and prices fluctuate. Credibility of the forecasts was debated, and plans were not consolidated. Receiving timely, accurate data was a struggle, and a $100m profit gap was projected.[more]

How Supply Chain Visibility Can Yield Results

Challenge: A company looked to identify major cost components associated with a supplier's product pricing. Partnering with its integrated supply chain solutions provider on visibility initiatives, the company collaborated with the supplier and determined that products were shipping from forward storage warehouse locations. The company had no visibility to these underlying logistics costs nor were the warehouse locations optimal for its network. Items were also produced in multiple locations with many inter-plant transfers occurring in the supplier’s network.[more]

OMP Plus Provides Advanced Supply Chain Planning Solutions for the Dairy Industry

Challenge: One of America's premier food and agricultural cooperatives wanted to improve inventory visibility and take product shelf life into account. It was not just looking for a software vendor, but for a partner that could help the organization tackle the operational challenges that its current and future activities would bring.[more]

Refashion Fast-Moving Global Supply Chain

Challenge: This retail company's warehouse stock was rising as stores shifted risk further up the supply chain. The retailer needed to reduce inventory levels and production lead times to better respond to rapidly shifting consumer demand.[more]

Overcoming Operational Silos in the End-to-End Supply Chain With Kinaxis

Challenge: The organization wanted to elevate its supply chain planning capabilities to support synchronization, end-to-end supply chain planning, visibility and decision-making.[more]

Advanced DSCP Solutions Optimize Beverage Company's Supply Chain

Challenge: A leading international beverage company that ships over 8 million bottles a year needed to gain control of a complex and lengthy production process to ensure the highest product quality.[more]

Sporting Goods Leader Strives for a Best-in-Class Supply Chain

Challenge: Double-digit annual growth, a growing number of SKUs to plan for, and demands for excellent customer service led to the search for improvements in the area of supply chain planning.[more]

Inventory Optimization Drives SIOP Success

Challenge: A leading fixture and faucet manufacturer set out to improve service levels and increase product availability, without increasing its inventory investment. The company also targeted working capital efficiency for improvement.[more]

Driving S&OP Excellence

Challenge: A leading global footwear and apparel manufacturer launched a business initiative to dramatically improve forecast accuracy, align inventory investments and synchronize operations with global suppliers. The company accelerated and streamlined its sales and operations planning (S&OP) process to better support global operations and strategic growth.[more]

Distributor Achieves 50 Inventory Turns with Anseris Consulting

Challenge: A large Midwest C-store distributor was tasked with utilizing an outdated system to manage their inventory and short shelf products resulting in low user productivity and less than desirable customer service levels. With over 60% of the inventory investment in short shelf life products, the management of obsolete product was ever increasing as the business grew.[more]

Advanced Demand Planning Platform Improves Eyewear Manufacturer's Supply Chain Visibility

Challenge: Specializing in optical products, a global manufacturer of glasses across approximately 16 production plants in Asia and a dozen distribution centers in Europe and America faced the need to ensure effective management of its supply chain.[more]

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