Omni-Channel Solution Delivers Significant Margin Improvement

To bring a true omni-channel operation with the ability to fulfil e-commerce, retail, wholesale and outlet-store orders into a single facility — delivering a seamless shopping experience to customers that meets/exceeds service level agreements.

Solution: TGW's Flashpick solution allows retail and e-commerce orders to be picked at the same time and be independent of order type and mix. The one-to-one picking solution orders are picked quickly and accurately regardless of size and product mix. The Flashpick solution is order-independent so as the business changes, the tool delivers on customer experience and promises.

Results: Through implementation of TGW Flashpick in a single omni-channel DC, significant improvements have been made on order delivery times and order accuracy — which are all important for e-commerce. This has reduced total cost of ownership, reduced inventory requirements, improved margins and enabled significant acceleration of growth and margins.

About the Solution Provider: TGW Systems is a global leading systems provider of highly dynamic, automated and turnkey logistics solutions. Since 1969 the company has been implementing different internal logistics solutions, from small material handling applications to complex distribution centers.



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