Code Red: Who are your High Risk Suppliers?

Challenge: A large manufacturer was searching for a provider that could offer an end-to-end solution to enhance their supply chain visibility, identify high risk sourcing countries and suppliers, and streamline their global audit and corrective action management program. They turned to us because of our holistic risk management solutions and services.

Solution: They subscribed to BSI’s supplier compliance manager and SCREEN intelligence platforms, which are fully integrated providing a single, comprehensive risk management solution. The customer started the program by pushing self-assessments out to their entire supplier base to get a better understanding of where the risks lie throughout their global supply chain.

By infusing BSI’s geographic intelligence into the assessment process, we could help the manufacturer identify who their high risk suppliers were to target for corrective actions and on-site visits. This proactive approached helped drive efficiency and transparency throughout their operations, and protect their brand and reputation.

About the Solution Provider: BSI Supply Chain Solutions is the leading global provider of intelligence, compliance and risk management software solutions, and auditing and advisory services. We help organizations identify and manage global risks to protect their brand and reputation. Our holistic risk management package empowers organizations to predict and mitigate global threats.



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