For Supply Chain Security, Retailer Looks to Freight Payment

Challenge: As with all companies, fraud and information security were top of mind for this major national retailer. To protect its strategic and competitive advantages – and those of its partners – the retailer needed a payment solution that could also safeguard its supply chain.

Solution: The retailer turned to U.S. Bank Freight Payment for the service, reliability and security only a bank can provide. A solution that goes beyond the basic security offerings by meeting the rigorous regulatory, audit and compliance requirements of the financial industry while maintaining the highest level of data center performance.

Results: Not only can the retailer rest assured the business-critical data it shares with supply chain partners is secure - it also enjoys the benefits of a fully automated freight payment system. The improved process has led to reduced manual entry, enhanced visibility, faster payment and ultimately stronger relationships with carriers.

About the Solution Provider: The pioneer in electronic freight payment, organizations turn to U.S. Bank Freight Payment for the service, reliability and security that only a bank can provide. Through a comprehensive online solution, organizations can streamline freight audit and payment processes and obtain the business intelligence they need to maintain a competitive supply chain.



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