Transportation Management Case Studies

Leveraging Enterprise Improvement to Mow Down the Competition

Challenge: North America's leading manufacturer and distributor of outdoor power equipment replacement parts experienced rapid growth that brought with it myriad challenges: How could the company continually improve to meet service and growth expectations? How could the company increase productivity to feed increasing demand without sacrificing quality?[more]

Real Time Freight Visibility That Saves Time & Money

Challenge: Holding contracts with over 5,000 carriers that handle a range of brokered and high-value loads, the company tracked loads by making time-consuming, inaccurate and ineffective driver check calls, then manually entered location and status updates for customers.[more]

Diversified Services Provider Saves $15,000 Monthly with MacroPoint

Challenge: Our client, a family of distinct but related businesses involved in a variety of services such as recycling, material handling, and equipment sales, found that 95 percent of loads were never updated about a shipment location, and the other five percent would only be called when an issue arose, and in the majority of those instances it was after the fact.[more]

How to Reduce LTL Freight Costs and Improve Service

Challenge: Dock scheduling, warehouse management, visibility and reporting. Client warehouse and co-packing facilities created disruptions thus increasing costs. Shipment release, scheduling conflicts and regular missed pickups. Lack of ability to manage LTL carrier contracts, manual carrier rates and service metric ranking.[more]

Leading Logistics Provider Closes More Business, Develops Stronger Customer Relationships

Challenge: This global logistics and transportation service provider for the chemical and process industries needed to automate its contract management and pricing process due to a growing volume of customer quote requests.[more]

Eyefreight SaaS TMS Improves Freight Management Efficiency

Challenge: One of the world's largest steel manufacturers seeks to improve the efficiency of its logistics function. The manufacturer faces two key challenges: 1.) An overall lack of efficiency of all outbound freight flows to worldwide destinations. 2.) A manual, resource-heavy process for managing all shipments, associated costs and billing activity from end to end.[more]

Improving Accuracy, Visibility and Efficiency with AT&T Fleet Driver Center

Challenge: Inaccurate driver logs were leading to high CSA scores, occurrence of accidents and speeding violations, and creating time-consuming paperwork for Compliance and Safety staff. Dispatch lacked visibility into vehicles' locations in order to dispatch quickly and efficiently. Aggressive driver behaviors were causing accidents and speeding violations. Paper logs were leading to inaccurate driver logs and High CSA scores. Idling, inefficient routing and speeding caused high fuel spend.[more]

Improving Efficiency and Customer Service with MacroPoint and RTF Integration

Challenge: To provide accurate delivery information to customers and to enhance the quality of its customer service, Mountain Company needed to enable an automated load tracking solution that would provide accurate information without relying on verbal communication.[more]

Re-Framing Transportation

Challenge: A leading OEM required significant flatbed capacity and more efficient scheduling for transporting frames from supplier to assembly plants.[more]

nxFAST Delivers Innovative Supply Chain Optimization Solutions

Challenge: An industry-leading manufacturing company with multiple suppliers needed greater visibility of actual activity to balance planned activity against operational decisions. To ensure the manufacturing process is not interrupted, containers are often required to be shipped on short notice, and the company needed a way to reduce expedited shipping charges.[more]

Foodservice Company Reduces Freight Spend By 10-15% with Manhattan's TMS

Challenge: Even though growth was on the fast track for one of the largest domestic foodservice providers, they were still hampered by supply chain visibility and accuracy challenges. Without visibility, they had no way of knowing how truckload orders were impacting their entire supply chain, leading to increased costs. The company was also facing substantial increases in commodity prices, fuel and the minimum wage - critical elements in the food and restaurant industries. Complicating those challenges were ongoing limited-time promotions, which require immediate responses to spikes in demand.[more]

Medical Supply Company Uses Buyer's Consol to Simplify Shipments

Challenge: A large medical supply company providing mobility solutions for patients, had multiple product suppliers and several shipment delays due to CFS congestion among other factors. Shipments were often late, and because of the number of LCL shipments, labor costs were prohibitive. After years of frustration, they turned to our company for help.[more]

Big Pharma, Big Vision

Challenge: Through acquisition and a strong development pipeline, this manufacturer grew into one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. As a result, its supply chain became complicated and unwieldy. Recognizing the opportunity to streamline its operations and capitalize on low margin products, company leadership prioritized a move to global standardization and shared services.[more]

Dock Scheduling Solution Delivers $1 Million+ ROI for Machinery Manufacturer

Challenge: A global Fortune 500 heavy machinery manufacturer experienced challenges on inbound freight moves from their vendors. Carriers were experiencing 4-6 hour wait times upon arriving at the customer’s assembly plants to deliver mission-critical parts. In addition to incurring demurrage (waiting) charges from the carriers and overtime pay costs to unload the backlog of deliveries, their carriers were reluctant to deliver to these plants and offered non-favorable rates.[more]

Global TMS Delivers Savings through Harmonization of Systems and Practices

Challenge: Our client was looking for a single, centralized solution to harmonize their transportation planning and execution processes. With business operating units in US, Europe, China and Brazil, they had been using different, customized software solutions to manage fragmented transportation practices at each and realized they were hemorrhaging costs on transportation spend, freight bill settlement, operational overhead, and IT support.[more]

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