How to Reduce LTL Freight Costs and Improve Service

Challenge: Dock scheduling, warehouse management, visibility and reporting. Client warehouse and co-packing facilities created disruptions thus increasing costs. Shipment release, scheduling conflicts and regular missed pickups. Lack of ability to manage LTL carrier contracts, manual carrier rates and service metric ranking.

Solution: Manage, monitor LTL shipments through PLS account management team from shipment tender to final delivery. Integrate proprietary TMS (PLS Pro) for carrier rate management, selection and tender. Provide monthly KPI reports and integration into clients ERP system through EDI. Provide optimization analysis for shipment consolidation, bid management, warehouse selection.

Results: Improved end-to-end shipment visibility and a double digit improvement on-time pickups and deliveries. Client quantified a reduction in fines and chargebacks based on improved transportation management and carrier performance. Client saved over 10% on LTL freight costs, major reductions in lost opportunities and improved client relations.

About the Solution Provider: PLS Logistics Services is a leading provider of full service transportation management for shippers across all industries. PLS handles millions of loads annually across all freight modes. The PLS carrier network consists of over 20,000 carriers. PLS PRO, a TMS software, provides business intelligence and technology-enabled transportation solutions.



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