Footwear Manufacturer Increases Fill Rates 10 to 15 Percent With Supplier Collaboration

Challenge: An athletic footwear brand needed quicker access to supplier information and share purchase order information with several hundred vendors and factories. Since each order involved vendor collaboration, multiple tasks and the need to work with internal departments and global partners, a formalized PO process and centralized platform was needed to comprehensively track orders and shipments.

Solution: The manufacturer implemented Amber Road’s Supply Chain Collaboration suite to execute POs, PO collaboration with changes, packing lists and invoices. Integration with a third-party logistics provider supplied shipping and logistics information to provide complete production reporting as well as full visibility into the PO management and shipment processes of the product lifecycle.

Results: The manufacturer increased fill rates by 10 to 15 percent from previous performance levels. This resulted in efficiency and time savings that now require just two or three days, a few times a year, for one person to process the sample PO’s.

About the Solution Provider: Amber Road helps companies transform their global supply chain, to improve margins, enable agility, and reduce risk. We increase operational efficiency, reduce direct costs, and create a faster, leaner, more agile supply chain. We do this through digitization, which allows for collaboration, automation, analytics and flexibility.



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