WMS Load Test Simulating 500 Users Produces Surprising Discovery

Challenge: Prior to a WMS Go Live, a power equipment manufacturer wanted to stress test new servers to ensure additional load would not impact operations. Time-strapped, they turned to us to develop a test strategy to emulate 300 RF devices simultaneously working in the WMS.

Solution: We used Cycle automated testing software to successfully write and execute the RF volume test. Testing emulated end-user actions such as list picking, receiving and transfers, enabling us to track server response time as we increased the number of RF devices.

Results: Following the successful volume test, we increased the load until servers reached 100% CPU utilization at nearly 500 users. Surprisingly, database servers hit 100% CPU utilization much sooner than the new servers. Cycle tests validated both server and database settings, minimizing production Go-Live issues and providing a library of test scripts to conduct volume and regression tests against the system going forward.

About the Solution Provider: Tryon Solutions provides professional services and solutions for supply chain execution systems. We specialize in end-to-end implementations and have decades of experience optimizing and integrating warehouse software systems. In addition to professional services, Tryon Solutions also provides automated testing software with unique functionality for performing load, RF and regression testing.

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