Automotive Supply Chain Disruptions Are Up 30 Percent, Report Shows

The global automotive industry saw a “significant rise” in supply chain disruptions in 2017 compared to the previous year, a report has said.[more]

Thailand Ratifies Convention to Tackle Forced Labor

Thailand ratified the Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labour Convention at the International Labour Organization summit last week in Geneva. [more]

Free Power From Freeways? China Is Testing Roads Paved With Solar Panels

On a smoggy afternoon in Jinan, China, huge log carriers and oil tankers thundered down a highway and hurtled around a curve at the bottom of a hill. Only a single, unreinforced guardrail stood between the traffic and a ravine.[more]

Unethically Mined Cobalt Haunts Companies’ Supply Chains

Cobalt, a chemical element crucial for making lithium-ion batteries, continues to be mined using child labor in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With the DRC producing two-thirds of the world’s cobalt and demand expected to increase, companies are struggling to clean up their supply chains, CNN...[more]

Home Depot Sets $1.2Bn Supply-Chain Overhaul

Home Depot Inc. plans to spend $1.2bn over the next five years to speed up delivery of goods to homes and job sites as the rise of online shopping resets consumer expectations.[more]

Amazon Is Being Blasted by a Watchdog Group Over China Echo Factory Conditions

Amazon Is Being Blasted by a Watchdog Group Over China Echo Factory Conditions

A watchdog group is calling on Inc. to improve conditions for factory workers in China who make Echo speakers and Kindle e-readers, renewing criticisms that CEO Jeff Bezos became the world’s wealthiest man on the backs of low-paid laborers.[more]

One Day, Your Car Could Run on Fumes — From Power Plants

A Canadian startup is testing a system that sucks carbon dioxide from the air and converts it into fuel for cars and other vehicles.[more]

British Watchdog Probes Reports That Meat Found in Vegetarian Meals

Britain’s food watchdog said it was investigating allegations that traces of meat had been found in “meat-free” and vegan meals sold at the country’s two largest supermarket chains, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.[more]

Hackers Targeting Ships Could Block English Channel, Security Group Warns

Cyberattacks targeting a shipping navigation system could be used to block the English Channel, a security researcher has warned.[more]

U.S. Gig Economy: Data Shows 16M People in 'Contingent or Alternative' Work

U.S. Gig Economy: Data Shows 16M People in 'Contingent or Alternative' Work

How big is the “gig economy”? Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics gave the first official reading of how many Americans rely on temporary work, freelancing, and on-demand apps to make ends meet. And the answer is: a lot.[more]

Why Trump Might Cave to China: Iowa Soybean Farmers

For all his bluster about trade wars, President Trump seems willing to push China only so far: Witness the deal last week to grant Chinese telecom giant ZTE a reprieve from harsh American penalties. The reason is likely to lead straight to Iowa soybean and corn farmers like Benjamin Schmidt.[more]

Women Climbing Supply-Chain Ranks Find a Growing Salary Gap

More women are pursuing careers in supply chain, industry groups say, but the gender pay gap in a field long dominated by men gets wider the higher women climb in leadership ranks.[more]

Shale Country Is Out of Workers. That Means $140,000 for a Truck Driver and 100-Percent Pay Hikes

Jerry Morales, the mayor of Midland, Texas, and a local restaurateur, is being whipsawed by the latest Permian Basin shale-oil boom.[more]

Google Bans Development of Artificial Intelligence Used in Weaponry

Google is banning the development of artificial-intelligence software that can be used in weapons, chief executive Sundar Pichai said last week, setting strict new ethical guidelines for how the tech giant should conduct business in an age of increasingly powerful AI.[more]

eCommerce Expo Asia 2018

10 – 11 October 2018 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore | 9.15am – 5.00pm | eCommerce Expo Asia will finally be brought over from the UK! From 10th – 11th October, the two days of this comprehensive event engagement, hosted at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, will...[more]

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