Amazon Extends U.K. Hiring Spree as Brexit Uncertainty Lingers Inc. plans to expand its U.K. workforce by 10 percent this year, despite continued uncertainty over what Brexit will mean for the British economy.[more]

Billions in U.S. Solar Projects Shelved After Trump Panel Tariff

President Donald Trump’s tariff on imported solar panels has led U.S. renewable energy companies to cancel or freeze investments of more than $2.5bn in large installation projects, along with thousands of jobs, the developers told Reuters.[more]

America May Need to Adopt China's Weapons to Win Tech War

Behind the daily skirmishes over tariffs, the U.S. and China are gearing up for a longer-term battle between two very different systems of innovation. To win, America may need to start using some of its rival’s weapons.[more]

Five Ways to Adapt to Amazon’s Ever-Changing Supply Chain Rules

Five Ways to Adapt to Amazon’s Ever-Changing Supply Chain Rules

Once upon a time, a tiny creature was exposed to extraordinary forces, grew rapidly and exponentially until it became an enormous beast, smashing stores and office buildings and sending Tokyo into terror. Back in 1954, the beast was Godzilla. In 2018, we call it Amazon.[more]

Supplier Diversity Key to Tackling Geopolitical Risk, Analysts Say

Diversified supply chains are key to mitigating modern geopolitical risks, buyers have been told.[more]

Mexico Looks to Europe After Slapping Tariffs on U.S. Pork

Mexico will import more pork products from Europe after imposing a 20 percent tariff on U.S. pork legs and shoulders in retaliation to steel tariffs, Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo said on Tuesday.[more]

Truck Orders Soaring on Growing Freight Demand

The market for new heavy-duty trucks is growing at a nearly unprecedented pace this year as fleet owners and big-rig manufacturers race to keep up with accelerating U.S. freight demand.[more]

World Bank Warns Trade Tensions Could Cause 2008-Level Crisis

World Bank Warns Trade Tensions Could Cause 2008-Level Crisis

A worldwide escalation of the trade tensions between the U.S. and its major trading partners would have consequences for global trade equivalent to the 2008 financial crisis, the World Bank has warned.[more]

Major Tech Companies Urged to Boost Carbon Disclosure in Time for September Summit

Major Tech Companies Urged to Boost Carbon Disclosure in Time for September Summit

Big tech companies such as Amazon, Netflix and Facebook have been challenged by Governor Jerry Brown and UN Climate Chief Patricia Espinosa to start reporting environmental data by the time of a major conference this September.[more]

There Now Are More Job Openings in the U.S. Than Unemployed Workers to Fill Them

The labor market has hit a tipping point that should help boost wages: There are more job openings in the U.S. than unemployed workers to fill them.[more]

Foxconn Chief: U.S.-China Dispute Over Tech, Not Trade

The CEO of Taiwan’s Foxconn, which assembles Apple iPhones and other products for tech companies, said Wednesday that Washington’s dispute with China is over technology rather than trade.[more]

The IOT Solutions World Congress 2018 announces its first speakers

The industrial internet of things event will feature more than 125 sessions across nine themes[more]

About RPW China 2018

A three-day conference and exhibition for Chinese refineries/petrochemical producers and leading solution providers around the world exploring the future of digital, intelligent and smart refineries in China [more]

About RPW Vietnam 2018

Refining & Petrochemicals World is a premier platform striving to deliver the best experience for industry leaders to discover the maximum downstream potential of the emerging markets. Following our high quality downstream conferences in Indonesia and Thailand, The Organizing Committee decided...[more]

Cryptocurrency and blockchain regulation in healthcare. Results of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague 2018

On May 17, the capital of the Czech Republic hosted the fourth annual event dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICO – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague. Special speakers were representatives of world-famous companies (for instance, IBM and PwC), and distinguished international...[more]

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