Utilization of Rare Earth Elements for Manufacturing Processes at Advanced Materials for Defense Summit

On July 11-12, 2018, Defense Strategies Institute will host attendees at the 2nd Advanced Materials for Defense Summit, taking place at the Mary M. Gates Learning Center in Alexandria, VA.  DSI’s Advanced Materials for Defense Summit will detail DoD initiatives to facilitate and implement...[more]

3D Printing Could Bring Change, Savings to Trucking Industry

In trucking, hot-button topics like omnichannel distribution, e-commerce, electric vehicles and blockchain often blot the agendas of industry events and association meetings. Yet one topic that remains on the periphery unless we are talking about parts availability could wind up having a profound...[more]

Do You Know What Information Should Be Entered Into Your CRM System?

Customer relationship management technology can often pose a challenge for organizations, no matter their size. Many companies are encouraged to sign up for CRMs with stars in their eyes and great expectations of its capabilities. [more]

The World of Private-Label Retail: Is Kirkland Vodka Really Grey Goose?

Many distributors struggle with private-label branding and view it as an either-or proposition. They see private label as too complex or a conflict to their core supplier partners.[more]

As Global Plastics Demand Expands, Sustainability ‘Key’ to Industry’s Future

Global demand for polyethylene, the world’s most used plastic, has nearly doubled since 1999, but this growth in demand is being met with significant new market pressures, such as a rise in consumer expectations around sustainability, along with tightening environmental regulations in key growth...[more]

As Cities Get ‘Smarter,’ Energy Sector Said to Be at Greatest Risk to Cyberattacks

As Cities Get ‘Smarter,’ Energy Sector Said to Be at Greatest Risk to Cyberattacks

As smart cities integrate connected technologies to operate more efficiently and improve the quality of city services, the energy sector is expected to be most susceptible to cyberattacks.[more]

EU Looks to Ban Single-Use Plastics, Such as Straws, Disposable Cutlery

The European Union is proposing a ban on many single-use plastics, with a goal to clean up the litter found on Europe’s beaches and seas.[more]

Chemical Plants Urged to Prepare for Damage from Natural Disasters

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board has urged chemical plants to weigh the risks of natural disasters just as they would the integrity of pipes and production equipment.[more]

China, India, Indonesia Greatest Magnets for Foreign Investment in Asia

The high-growth economies of China, India and Indonesia are anticipated to play a key role in attracting higher foreign direct investments to the developing Asian region between 2017 and 2020, according to GlobalData, a data and analytics company.[more]

Utilities, Retailers Urged to Invest in Demand Side Management Products

To enhance competitiveness and meet customer expectations of new technologies, utilities and retail suppliers should invest in customer-centric demand side management products, a report from Navigant Research says.[more]

Mid-Sized Cars to Lead 5 Percent Growth in Global Used Car Market Through 2022

The global used car market is expected to grow at a CAGR of almost 5 percent from 2018 through 2022, according to research from Technavio.[more]

The U.S. Doesn’t Have Enough Truckers, and It’s Starting to Cause Prices of About Everything to Rise

Joyce Brenny, chief executive of Brenny Transportation in Minnesota, gave her truck drivers a 15 percent raise this year, but she still can't find enough workers for a job that now pays $80,000 a year.[more]

UPS Really Doesn’t Want to Ship Your Refrigerator With Your Socks

United Parcel Service Inc. jacked up fees by 30 percent to $650 for the largest items it delivers to discourage shippers from putting kayaks, refrigerators and other oversize items into a network meant for smaller parcels.[more]

Red Alert: U.K. Farmers Warn of Soft Fruit Shortage

Like many things considered quintessentially English, the humble strawberry is an immigrant. The first garden variety was grown in France in the 18th century, the result of cross-pollinating strawberries from North and South America. Those luscious fruits you buy today in the supermarket? A...[more]

Brazilian Food Companies Hard Hit by Truckers' Protests

Brazilian food companies will be reeling for months from the after-effects of a truckers' protest that has blocked the country's main roadways this past week, industry sources said on Friday.[more]

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