Cargo Trade Faces Life in the Slow Lane After Brexit

Cargo Trade Faces Life in the Slow Lane After Brexit

After the Pride of York ferry sailed into the Belgian port of Zeebrugge from Hull in the U.K. earlier this month, dozens of cargo containers were offloaded and whisked away on trucks. The hundreds of passengers weren’t as lucky: They had to line up for border checks.[more]

Cyberattacks Are a Major Risk in New Global Resilience Ranking

The risk of cyberattack, once overhyped, now threatens businesses’ very existence, according to a recent survey, 2018 FM Global Resilience Index. These attacks raise the specter of stalled operations, disrupted supply chains, class-action lawsuits and permanent brand damage.[more]

Interactive Slavery Map Aims to Help Supply Chain Collaboration

A free interactive map of anti-human trafficking organizations has been created to help collaboration between businesses.[more]

Trump’s Next Round of Trade Limits Could Hurt the U.S. Tech Industry He Wants to Help

Housed in a 19th-century meatpacking plant in Somerville, Massachusetts, Formlabs boasts all the accoutrements of American high-tech success: exposed brick walls and ductwork, a morale-boosting pool table and plenty of young employees hammering away at laptops.[more]

Maersk to Cut Services as It Battles Shipping Glut

A.P. Moller-Maersk said it would cut back on capacity to combat falling freight rates and rising fuel costs, after the Danish shipping giant reported a weak first quarter that sent its shares down about 8 percent.[more]

Gartner Announces Rankings of the 2018 Supply Chain Top 25

Gartner Announces Rankings of the 2018 Supply Chain Top 25

Gartner, Inc. has released the results of its annual Supply Chain Top 25, identifying supply chain leaders and highlighting their best practices. Analysts announced the results at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference last week in Phoenix.[more]

Recalls This Week: Chain Saws, Crayons, Pottery Wheels

More than a million chain saws are being recalled because they have a faulty power switch that could fail to shut off the tool. Other recalled consumer products include pottery wheels and playground slides.[more]

In Congo Outbreak, Ebola Vaccine Faces Cold-Chain Reality Tests

In Congo Outbreak, Ebola Vaccine Faces Cold-Chain Reality Tests

An experimental Ebola vaccine to be deployed in an outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo has conquered some major scientific hurdles in giving high protection, but it now faces extreme real-world tests including heat, humidity, language barriers and lack of roads.[more]

China Tightens Grip on Global Battery Metals With Chile Deal

China Tightens Grip on Global Battery Metals With Chile Deal

China tightened its grip on the global supply chain for battery raw materials as Tianqi Lithium Corp. struck a deal to take a $4.1bn stake in Chilean rival SQM, the second-largest lithium producer.[more]

U.S.-China Trade Truce May Not Last With Differences Unresolved

The U.S. and China declared a truce in their trade dispute over the weekend, but that will prove temporary if the world’s two largest economies fail to deliver on their vague commitments to re-balance trade.[more]

Interest in Cargo Piloting Careers Is Climbing, Study Finds

There may be a looming pilot shortage that has developed in the cargo industry over the last decade, but according to a study by the University of North Dakota (UND), there may be some cause for optimism. [more]

ICS Asks EU Not to Publish Ships' Fuel Efficiency Data

Now that the International Maritime Organization has endorsed a global CO2 reduction strategy, the International Chamber of Shipping is calling on the European Union not to publish data on individual ships' fuel efficiency. [more]

Booming Savannah Port Sees Trade Tensions as Just a Hiccup

Savannah’s ocean ports feature skyscraping silver cranes that stand at attention on the water’s edge. Container ships stretch the length of four football fields, with 40-foot containers stacked behind them like multicolored Lego bricks.[more]

Paying More to Save More: Companies Boosting Salaries for Supply-Chain Executives

Companies are paying more for supply-chain skills in a hunt for buyers, planners and transportation managers who can help offset growing freight and raw materials costs.[more]

Trump Personally Pushed Postmaster General to Double Rates on Amazon, Other Firms

President Trump has personally pushed U.S. Postmaster General Megan Brennan to double the rate the Postal Service charges and other firms to ship packages, according to three people familiar with their conversations, a dramatic move that probably would cost these companies billions of...[more]

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