Automotive Suppliers Draw the Short Straws on Warranty Collaboration
Vehicle quality has improved to the point where it's less of a key differentiator in purchasing decisions. But claims and recalls still plague automakers and impact their bottom line. For example, Warranty Week estimates GM accrues $548 per vehicle per annum, based on the company accruing a total of $5.14B for warranty in 2007, with sales of 9.37 million vehicles worldwide. Compare this against Toyota at $439 and Honda $287 per vehicle. For most automakers, accrual considers multiple variables, including warranty duration, product quality, local service and repair costs, and total number of warranties to expire on mileage before their time is up.
AMR Research also finds the distribution of warranty costs to suppliers is uneven. While some automakers...
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European Carmakers Hardly in the Driver's Seat
The condition of Europe's carmakers is hardly healthy, but unlike their Detroit counterparts they are still some way from the critical list. J.D. Power, a market-research firm, forecasts that the western European market will shrink by...
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RFID Tracks Returnable Containers Used by Automotive Industry
CHEP, a pallet and container pooling services company owned by Australia-based Brambles, is running an RFID-based application that tracks returnable containers for the automotive industry at its facilities in countries across Europe, according to Floris Kleijn, CHEP's director of RFID as a service in...
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There Are Still No Chinese Cars in a Single U.S. Showroom
It's been more than three years since Chinese auto makers first sent chills down Detroit's spine with plans to sell cars in the United States beginning last year. China, now the world's second-largest automobile producer, was already selling low-cost vehicles in dozens of countries around the world at the time--with jarring success.
But with 2008 nearing an end, not a...
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Purolator USA Augments Service for Automotive Aftermarket Customers
Purolator USA is now offering cross-border and intra-U.S. logistics services to automotive aftermarket manufacturers. The company maintains a team of cross-border specialists through its Purolator Trade Solutions service, designed to help customers manage their regulatory and trade-related requirements. The company can calculate the precise amount of...
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Data Consolidation Improves Import Process at Leggett and Platt
A systems analysis at this diversified manufacturer revealed that data needed to support supply chain processes, particularly import processes, was dispersed across many different applications. This created inefficiencies and a lack of adequate control over important Customs compliance issues...
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