Business Strategy & Tactics — July, 2012

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Advice for Manufacturers Considering Reshoring
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Greg S. Anderson
Co-eXprise, Inc.
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Where's the Rush to Bolt from China and Reshore in the U.S.?
This spring, President Obama said he had “good news” to report: Lost American jobs are returning to the U.S. “For a lot of businesses, it’s now starting to make sense to bring jobs back home.” In trumpeting this “reshoring” of jobs from abroad, the administration points to employers, including General Electric and Caterpillar, that have shifted some manufacturing to the U.S. The president also cited an April online survey by Boston Consulting Group showing that 37 percent of manufacturers with sales of more than $1bn and almost half of those with more than $10bn “plan to or are actively considering bringing back production from China to the U.S.” Yet there’s little data to back up claims of a reshoring rush....

How Procurement Innovation Can Drive Productivity Gains
Innovation is required if the U.S. is to regain the level of productivity that it enjoyed toward the end of the 19th Century through the mid-20th Century. However, innovation by itself is not enough. Just as our parents and grandparents adopted electricity, the automobile, credit cards and airplanes in the period from 1870-1950, businesses and organizations of the 21st Century must embrace change.
This is one of the conclusions of the McKinsey Global Institute Report on Productivity,...

Chief Finance Execs Begin to See Value in Sustainability Initiatives
Before Jeff Piccolomini joined Henkel Corp. in 1997, he was dubious about corporate efforts to address environmental concerns - a “typical skeptical CFO,” as he puts it. A CPA by training and a longtime finance executive, Piccolomini wasn’t accustomed to dealing with the kind of green goals that the German-owned personal-care company had set in motion, such as reducing carbon emissions.
Now, as Henkel releases its 21st annual sustainability report...

CSDP Teams With Sorvive Technologies on Cloud-Based Middleware Tool
A new partnership between Customer Service Delivery Platform (CSDP) and Sorvive Technologies is offering cloud-based middleware to help companies unite internal and external data, business processes and technology.
According to the two companies, the venture provides a road map for defining rules and seamlessly connecting...

IHS Launches Update of Standards-Management Platform
IHS Inc., a provider of business information and analytics systems, has launched version 5.0 of IHS Standards Expert. The tool simplifies and expedites the process of finding and managing standards. The updated platform includes...

P&G, McDonald's & Microsoft Redefine Winning in Business Relationship
A new book contains case studies on how some of the world's biggest companies use outcome-based outsourcing to work successfully with their partners, says Kate Vitasek, on the faculty of the Center for Executive Education at the University of Tennessee. (Run Time (Min.): 7:54)...

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