Chemical Companies Embrace Demand-Driven Concept
Industry surveys by AMR Research show that chemical companies will increase information technology investments by 85 percent this year. Wayne McDonnell, research director at AMR, explains where this money will be spent and how it will help chemical companies develop a demand-driven value network that will improve operational performance at all levels of the enterprise....
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IBM Creates RFID-Based Solution to Track LPG Containers for Indian Petroleum Refiner
IBM is implementing an RFID-based container tracking solution for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), a Fortune 500 company and a leading refining and marketing organization in India. The deal reportedly is one of the single largest implementations in India for RFID-based tracking solutions and involves infrastructure services, business consulting services and middleware solutions.
IBM will design, deploy and integrate the RFID solution for tracking LPG cylinders from plant to the end consumer. The project is expected to cover 500,000 cylinders in the initial phase. HPCL intends to evaluate the technology and deploy the same in a...
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Ortec, TouchStar Team Up to Provide Wireless to Oil and Gas Sector
Ortec, a provider of advanced planning and optimization software and related consulting services, has forged a strategic alliance with TouchStar Technologies, Ltd., a specialist within the mobile computing and wireless communication markets. Together the companies are providing a transportation planning and execution application to the oil and gas industry. The product will integrate...
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What the Chemical Industry Needs in a Warehouse
In most any industry, operational efficiency in the warehouse is critical, and a warehouse management system helps to ensure that. In a highly regulated industry like chemicals, however, operational efficiency is not the core focus that compliance is. And the industry is finding that the receiving, putaway, shipping and other functionality of a good WMS can help chemical manufacturers meet their compliance obligations, says Steve Banker, research director at ARC Advisory Group. Large manufacturers are especially keen to use these systems, Banker says, but oddly enough, many distributors and 3PLs that operate chemical warehouses are less likely to....
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Security Regulations Starting to Squeeze Chemical Companies
What pieces of security and other information would be most important for your company to keep under lock and key and away from terrorists? Who in your plant is able to access this information, and what do you know about those people? Are your plant's protections against...
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Number of New Anti-Dumping Investigations Surges in 2008, According to WTO Secretariat
Sixteen members of the World Trade Organization reported a surge in new anti-dumping investigations in the first half of 2008, according to the WTO Secretariat. The figure was 39 percent higher than in the same period of 2007. The number of retaliatory measures by WTO countries also increased during that time, the group said. Between January and June of 2008, the 16 countries initiated...
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