'Fast Fashion' Refers to More Than Clothing and Cell Phones, Says JDA Exec
Buyers of clothing and certain consumer-electronics items are accustomed to seeing their models of choice disappear from store shelves shortly after purchase. For fashion-conscious consumers, there's always a new design in the pipeline. But the concept of "fast fashion" is now making itself felt in other areas, according to David Johnston, senior vice president of supply chain with JDA Software Group, Inc. Among the items experiencing shorter life cycles are home building accessories such as drawer knobs and bathroom hardware. Against that backdrop, JDA is working on planning applications that will help manufacturers keep up with the faster pace of change. Another big trend, according to Johnston, is retailers'...
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Terra Helps Campbell's Sense Demand, Optimize Inventory
Campbell Soup Company is a $7.9bn leader in the consumer packaged goods industry, producing what can only be described as some of the most widely known brands in the food industry. Pepperidge Farm, Swanson and Prego, all Campbell's products, are among the lineup of staples found in many homes. And then, of course, there is Campbell's Soup in the familiar red and white can.
Campbell Soup North America, which markets to the U.S., Mexico and Canada, accounts for more than $5.2bn in revenue. It has 26 plants, co-packers and distribution centers, which produce almost 1,000 products.
Terra Technology, developer of demand sensing and inventory optimization solutions, has been a partner of Campbell's for years, according to Steve Cortese, director of supply chain infrastructure at the food industry giant.
Campbell Soup reportedly was the first consumer products company to implement Terra's Demand Sensing (DS) and Inventory Optimization (IO) solutions. Campbell's consumer products divisions have been...
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Start with Sourcing
Recently the senior vice president of supply chain management and sourcing at a global consumer packaged goods (CPG) company decided to look into procuring more environmentally responsible materials and packaging. He knew what he didn't want: a "greenwashing" program with no strategic objectives, except the right to say that the company was reducing its carbon footprint. As with any other major initiative, he had a mandate from his executive team to create substantial benefit for the business, with a connection to a target market and a fundamental link to the brand proposition. Beyond that mandate, however, he was less certain. Having identified green sourcing as the right goal to pursue, what should he do next?
Today, organizations around the world are being compelled--by their employees, their customers, consumers, and their supply chain partners--to undertake...
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Large Foodservice Distributor Employs Voxware
Voxware reports that Performance Food Group (PFG), said to be the third-largest foodservice distribution company in the United States, has rolled out voice in five of its broadline distribution centers. The company plans to expand voice with an aggressive schedule that assumes a new broadline site will be rolled out every 3 to 5 weeks. Once the implementations are complete in 2009, PFG will have more than 600 workers across 18 broadline distribution centers nationwide on the system.
Currently PFG is using voice in its picking applications. The integration of pick slot movement data triggers the warehouse management system to generate immediate replenishment for pick slots low on inventory. Since voice has been deployed in several of PFG's distribution centers, the company has seen a 65 percent reduction in...
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Oracle Releases Demand Signal Repository for Consumer Goods Companies
Oracle Corp. has made available Oracle Demand Signal Repository. The new application, aimed at consumer goods manufacturers, helps users to capture, cleanse and harmonize large volumes of external demand data. It also integrates those demand signals with other applications to make the organization more responsive to...
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Microbiological Supply Chain Is Important. Really.
The micro hold area is truly the last great frontier for reducing process time and waste. Here's why: process manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cleansers and other consumer products regularly sample and test their raw materials or finished goods for microbiological contamination. The majority of them are using an outdated and...
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