Food & Beverage News — December, 2008

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TMS Helps Food Manufacturer Deal with Fuel Price Headaches
Over the past year, volatile fuel-driven transportation costs have caused headaches for food manufacturers like Pinnacle, whose brands include Duncan Hines, Hungry-Man, Armour and Vlasic. Vice President Greg Bostick explains how Pinnacle is using an on-demand transportation management system from LeanLogistics to gain better control of transportation costs through methods that include lane-specific cost tracking and visibility that enables inbound trucks to be immediately re-loaded with outbound loads....
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Church's Serves Up Big Savings with E-Procurement
Among other benefits, an on-demand purchasing solution frees up Church's Chicken store managers from the time-consuming and wasteful expense of invoice management.
By definition, a fast-food restaurant experience means a quick one-two-three: you order, it's fulfilled, and you're on your way. So, something is not quite right if you have to stand around because there aren't enough people to serve you. Usually, when lines start building, the store manager pitches in or at least is on hand to bring a little efficiency to things. However, that may not happen if he or she is in the back doing paperwork.
Recognizing that burying restaurant managers with admin work defeated their core responsibility to ensure high-quality customer service, Church's Chicken implemented an on-demand procurement system with a number of benefits beyond just automating purchasing. One of those is freeing up managers from manually keying in data from invoices after each delivery is made of chicken or other supplies.
Church's, based in Atlanta, has more than 1,600 locations in 20 countries and sales exceeding $1bn. It operates 260 restaurants and 12 distribution centers in the U.S. That makes for quite a few invoices, and when the company studied the issue, it realized that invoice management was...
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Hershey's Bitter Lesson in ERP Implementation
Enterprise resource planning systems are invaluable tools for consolidating and managing many critical, albeit disparate business processes. But as the Hershey Co. learned, some processes are just too difficult for an ERP system to manage, and are better suited for outsourcing.
The global candy company learned the hard way that non-traditional approaches to complex warehousing weren't something its ERP could handle. To deal with the tremendous build-up of inventory that occurred each year around the holiday rush, Hershey would...
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Even with SaaS, You Still Have B2B Integration Needs
A couple of years ago, when energy drink and chewing gum maker Mad Croc was just getting started, top executives, like those at a growing number of small, young manufacturing companies, opted to effectively outsource the tasks of deploying and operating enterprise applications by selecting a software-as-a-service (SaaS) alternative.
But officials knew their largest customers wouldn't cut them any slack just because...
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Lowry Computer Announces Availability of Produce Traceability App
Lowry Computer Products has developed Secure Visibility, an inventory-management and lot-traceability tool for the produce industry. Growers, packers, shippers and retailers can capture and share produce traceability information in real time, the company said. Built around GS1 BarCode and EPCglobal radio frequency identification (RFID) standards, Secure Visibility adheres to the Produce Traceability Initiative's compliance plan for standard traceability of the entire produce supply chain. The service...
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Contamination: Food for Thought on Improving Supply Chains
The magnitude of a problem is often determined by how much attention it gets. Recently the food and beverage industry has been receiving more attention than it might like, as contaminated products and subsequent recalls continue to make headlines. While any products under suspicion start vanishing from grocery store shelves and produce aisles, once the media latches on to the story customers start disappearing, too.
Each of these stories not only hurts consumer confidence in a particular company, but...
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