Global Supply Chain Management — January, 2009

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Going Global Calls for a Whole New Level of Process Collaboration, Aberdeen Study Reveals
So-called multi-enterprise supply chains are the result of companies extending their sourcing, manufacturing and marketing reach globally. With no single business capable of providing all critical functions in-house, there is a pressing need for process integration and collaboration, according to a new report by the Aberdeen Group. Major pressures experienced by companies today include rising costs, global competition and the need to reduce cycle times. To achieve a multi-enterprise supply chain, companies must have two-way electronic connectivity with partners, as well as real process collaboration. The latter term refers to an advanced stage of integration which includes...
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Sustainability Found to Drive Innovation Rather than Costs, According to Research from KPMG, CIES
Research released by KPMG International and CIES reveals that, far from regarding corporate sustainability as a cost, many leading retailers and manufacturers see sustainability as:

• a driver of innovation that can help build growth and profitability
• integrated into the core business
• driven by business need rather than formal requirements
• having a neutral or positive impact on the bottom line
• playing a crucial role in recruitment and retention

The research also pinpoints the impact the economic downturn is likely to have on companies' commitment to sustainability and the challenges many businesses still face in identifying priorities in this area.

The report is based on views of delegates attending a recent CIES World Food Business Summit in Munich. CIES is an independent, global food business network. Nearly half of those questioned felt sustainability was...
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Finding Supply Chain Success in Emerging Markets
Diebold, a leader in products and services for the financial industry, is finding its greatest growth in more than 90 countries around the globe, but doing business in these emerging nations is literally a different world. Change management is needed to be successful in building these markets, but it is equally important to understanding and respect what is important to customers, suppliers and service partners to allow the change to happen. By working with a lead logistics provider experienced in these emerging markets, Diebold has been able to create a vision where each party understands its role and responsibilities and can focus on customer satisfaction....
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You Can't Do Global Compliance and Security By Hand
"I can't see supply chain professionals effectively managing global trade processes in a manual environment any longer," says Rennie Alston, president of American River International, a logistics services provider. Time was that moving cargo cost effectively, timely and safely was your only concern, but not any more. Security rules and regulations mandated by various government agencies make compliance management a requirement for any company today. That calls for senior management buy-in, education and training, assessing your internal policies, breaking down silos in your organization and ensuring that your providers are complementing your efforts, Alston says. Automation is the key....
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A Partner Who Can Give You Entree to Business in China
Outsourcing manufacturing work to China is a cost saving but often not a hassle-free undertaking, especially if your company does not have a liaison in place. This liaison must understand the manufacturing practices, expectations, culture, and pricing in China and how they differ from those in the United States and be able to effectively communicate that information to the U.S. office.
Creative Mailbox & Sign Designs is a manufacturer of mailboxes and signs that does $8 million a year in revenues and employs 65 personnel. It has three lines of business. The Residential line manufactures mailboxes and street signs for master plan communities; the Commercial lines does signage for office buildings; and the Department of Transportation line takes care of Department of Transportation signage for interstate and other highways.
It sounds like a simple enough business--design a...
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Pressure on Obama to Stop Chinese Dumping Your Imports
Global recessions can bring out the worst in trading partners. Plunging domestic demand in both China and the U.S. has left manufacturers in both countries plagued with overcapacity. American companies are now accusing their Chinese rivals of dumping products--selling at below-market prices--in the U.S. The clash could provide the first...
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Use Scalpel, Not Chainsaw, to Cut Your Costs
The global financial marketplace has recently become quite volatile, as fears of an American recession affect economies all over the world. Such fears can be especially dangerous for businesses. In times like these, many top managers panic and make unwise decisions such as firing quality employees and slashing important programs.
This might seem like a wise decision at the time from a fiscal standpoint, but...
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