Global Supply Chain Management — June, 2008

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Recession Is Here, But What Will It Mean for Shippers and Carriers in the Coming Year?
Economic experts are finally acknowledging that the U.S. is in a recession. But they don't necessarily agree about the impact and duration of the crisis. Speaking on a market outlook panel at the TPM conference, Michael Andrews, chief economist of PIERS Global Solutions, predicted a "moderate rebound" in the second half of this year. The improvement will be driven by the government's fiscal and monetary stimulus efforts, he said. The dollar, which has been on a prolonged downward trend, should...
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Schneider Opens Regional Center in Toronto
Schneider Logistics has expanded its network of regional logistics centers (RLC) to Canada, with the opening of an RLC in Toronto, Ont. The Toronto facility is Schneider's first RLC outside the U.S.
Schneider's RLCs include brokerage and logistics services, enabling them to provide a...
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Election-Year Politics Will Spur Programs to Boost Sagging U.S. Economy, Conrad Group Says
The U.S. economy "has been buffeted by bad news that doesn't seem to stop coming," observes William Nobrega, president and founder of The Conrad Group. Still, he says in a recent outlook report, a number of developments over the coming year should help to take the wind out of the crisis. Already, Congress has approved a $168bn stimulus package, the impact of which...
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Internet Mandates that Businesses Innovate Today, or Suffer
Many U.S. companies and industries will have to shift their focus and embrace a "new online lifestyle" in order to stay competitive, says Google's CEO.
Many industries, including newspapers and music labels, have adapted slowly to...
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Airlines No Longer Need Paper. Do You?
It will not be long before paper tickets for a plane, train or bus seem as quaint as propellers, steam and conductors do today. Electronic travel passes are already widespread in many cities. And on June 1st the airline industry completed its conversion to electronic tickets,...
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To Compete, Renault 'Speaks' 23 Languages
Carmaker Renault has used translation technology to convert its product documents into 23 different languages to support its expanding global car dealership network.
Using technology from global information management specialist, SDL, the French car manufacturer has translated...
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Seko Synergy Expands China Services With Dedicated Office in Hong Kong
Seko Synergy, a U.K.-based provider of freight forwarding, logistics and supply-chain management services, has opened a dedicated office in Hong Kong. The new company is called Seko Synergy Greater China, or SSGC. Acting as managing director is...
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No More Tax-Free Shopping on the Web?
One of the great things about shopping on sites like Amazon has been not having to pay a dime in taxes...
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Globalization Is Here to Stay, Like It or Not
Broach the subject of globalization at the water cooler or watering hole, and prepare to get an earful. For its ardent supporters, globalization is...
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