Global Trade Management — March, 2009

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Global Sourcing Trends in 2009
At the beginning of each year, we survey Morrison & Foerster's Global Sourcing Group lawyers in Asia, Europe, and the United States regarding the current state of the world's outsourcing market and emerging trends likely to shape that market over the next twelve months. In this year's update, our lawyers comment on the impact of the economic downturn on outsourcing, identify key business and legal considerations in today's sourcing deals, and highlight new sourcing-related developments in various regions of the world. Our lawyers' views are based on what they have seen in their outsourcing projects during 2008, as well as on the views expressed by service providers, outsourcing consultants, and clients. The following is an executive summary of outsourcing trends:...
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Management Dynamics Unveils Performance Management App With Business Intelligence for Global Traders
Management Dynamics, a vendor of global trade management (GTM) software, has released Performance Management. The new product consists of a set of business-intelligence tools for the company's suite of GTM applications, which include...
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Succeeding in a Volatile Market: Ten-Year Vision for the Consumer Goods and Retail Industry
A new report, "Succeeding in a Volatile Market--2018: The Future Value Chain," published by the Global Commerce Initiative (GCI), Capgemini, HP and SAP AG, brings together insights and analysis of 130 of the industry's leading figures from Europe, North America, and Asia including China, India and Japan. The report examines the changing dynamics that will impact the industry in the coming decade and identifies how the industry can continue to meet the needs of consumers around the world.
The study is the result of a series of workshops conducted in June and September of this year that brought together a wide range of retailers, manufacturers, academics and industry organizations, including Capgemini, HP and SAP. These sessions revealed that for the consumer goods industry, market volatility resulting from the state of the global economy, fluctuating raw material costs and concerns about environmental sustainability has accelerated more rapidly than expected. Yet, despite the economic challenges, there are opportunities for retailers and manufacturers to grow and meet consumers' needs through improved collaboration between partners and through sharing best practices that can help the industry to better prepare for the coming decade.
"The trends highlighted in the report underline the need for even more collaboration between...
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Moving Towards Integrated & Optimized GTM in 2009
The way companies manage global trade and supply chain networks is changing. Aberdeen's research shows that leading performers are moving towards an integrated view of global trade management, focusing on simultaneously optimizing physical, financial and information flows and networks in order to achieve competitive advantage.
In the September 2008 study on supply chain visibility and responsiveness Beyond Visibility: Driving Supply Chain Responsiveness, more companies reported year-over-year increases in international transportation costs, inventory carrying costs and--consequently--total landed costs, compared to the visibility study, A View from Above: Global Supply Chain Visibility in a World Gone Flat, that we conducted in September 2007.
It has always been more challenging to manage global supply chains (rather than domestic), and nowadays global companies have a critical need to increase control over the globally dispersed "moving parts" of their business. In addition, global trade compliance and security regulations are becoming more complex, trying to encourage global trade while simultaneously introducing more government visibility and control into these processes (not an easy task!). Aberdeen Group's benchmark report from this past March showed a strong focus on improving trade compliance among global companies (read Global Trade Compliance Priorities in 2008). New regulations, such as the "10+2" Security Filing for U.S. importers, will impose additional mandates on how much visibility companies should have into their upstream supply chains (an area historically difficult for global companies) and how detailed and timely government reporting should be.
To cope with these new global challenges, global enterprises need to transform their supply chains and institute a fundamentally new level of visibility and control over their supply chain processes. In fact, Aberdeen's study in January, The Supply Chain Executive's Strategic Agenda 2008: Managing Global Supply Chain Transformation, found that...
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Unlocking Hidden Value in Global Trade Management
Global trade is a fast growing source of revenue and cost reduction at many companies, but investments in technology to support trade processes have been woefully lacking. Beth Enslow, senior vice president for supply chain risk management at Marsh Inc. explains how the right technology and a sharper focus on trade compliance can add significant dollars to the bottom line....
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The Hidden Costs of Globalization

Retailers are becoming more global, both in terms of sourcing and selling. In the process, they tap into a wealth of new opportunities. But they also heighten the level of risk in their supply chains. Janet Suleski, research director with AMR Research, discusses the hidden costs of global retail supply chains, including delays in time to market, disruptions caused by natural disasters, product loss and rising energy costs. To minimize the impact of those risks, retailers need to...
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How Much Control Does Pharma Have Over Its Changing Supply Chain?
Because of margin and market growth pressures, life sciences supply chains are more dynamic than ever before. In 2009, best practice companies will continue to put in place data analysis processes and "human knowledge' collection procedures to spot red flags and safety risks in their end-to-end supply chains.
Life sciences companies have faced media and public scrutiny following supply chain security incidents that highlighted the challenge of managing trading networks that span the globe and the disparity of quality standards and controls across those networks. While new sources of raw materials and labor offer cost advantages, they need to be evaluated carefully in terms of potential risk and reward.
To gauge the strengths and vulnerabilities of the current life sciences supply chain, Marsh Inc.'s Supply Chain Risk Management Practice surveyed 66 pharmaceutical manufacturers in late 2008. Results suggest that pharmaceutical manufacturers, given the increasingly globalized and outsourced nature of the industry, do not have as much control over supply chain security as they may expect.
Study participants identified a number of areas in which they are concerned about potential supply chain vulnerabilities, including:...
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The Risks and Costs of Global Trade Management
In today's highly regulated and dangerous world, no company involved in cross-border commerce can afford not to have global trade management software, says Adrian Gonzalez, ARC Advisory Group research director. At issue are security, theft, drugs and arms smuggling, and terrorism, as well as filing fees, surcharges, duty drawback, exchange rates--anything that has to do with risk and regulatory compliance. In addition, Gonzalez discusses the government's new 10 + 2 Rule and its implications for U.S. importers....
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