High-Tech/Electronics — November, 2008

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Embracing the Total Cost of Ownership
High-tech companies are taking a fresh look at all of the factors that affect supply chains when they outsource manufacturing to distant countries. C.J. Wehlage, research director with AMR Research, talks about trends affecting high-tech producers today, including the need for constant innovation, shrinking product lifecycles, the search for new markets, and the ways in which sustainability is affecting business processes. Also of critical importance is the financial side of the supply chain, as companies factor in currency exchange rates, fuel costs and tax issues. In light of these considerations, some businesses are beginning to rethink their decision to embrace offshore manufacturing....
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Technology Firms Pressured to Keep Environment in Mind
The legions of fans who thronged to drop $200 on an iPhone 3G in July probably did not think much about the gadget's fate when obsolescence eventually renders it scrap. But Apple definitely has been. Under pressure from tightening global anti-pollution standards, threat of environmental lawsuits and...
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DB Schenker Revamps European High-Tech Logistics; Initiates JV in Dubai
DB Schenker has reorganized its contract logistics services for high-tech companies in Europe. The company is assigning a team of 1,000 employees at Schenker High Tech Logistics to focus on meeting the needs of customers in the high-tech, consumer electronics, semiconductor and renewable energies businesses. The team will be based at 32 locations in nine European countries, and will work closely with the local offices of DB Schenker. The reorganization allows the company to implement...
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On the Leading Edge — And Still Leading
High-tech companies helped to pioneer the concept of outsourced manufacturing. But did they create a monster? Those same vendors that took over the actual making of product are now branching out to provide other types of services--to the point where they are posing a competitive threat to name-brand original equipment manufacturers. Ann Grackin, managing director of the Supply Chain Intelligence Service of Marsh, discusses how the high-tech sector is dealing with the consequences of its own actions--and how it might continue to blaze trails of innovation. Grackin also looks at what types of information technology are most suitable for high-tech supply chains today....
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Digital Antenna Provider Uses Aras Product Lifecycle Management TechAnt
Ubidyne GmbH, which specializes in digital antenna embedded radio technology for wireless communications, is using the Aras Innovator solution for enterprise product lifecycle management to accelerate product development, simplify product management and increase product quality.
Aras reportedly provides Ubidyne with a single view of all product-related information across the extended enterprise, including...
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What Does It Take to Go Global?
High-tech companies must match the design of their supply chains to the increasingly global nature of their products. Nari Viswanathan, research director of supply chain management with Aberdeen Group, talks about the pressures that are causing producers in this sector to rethink their operating strategies. The first wave of outsourcing to China has been followed by a fresh look at the factors that caused the move in the first place. Some companies are reassessing the financial value of making product thousands of miles away from the point of consumption. Others are still grappling with the challenge of creating truly global supply chains. Viswanathan discusses what must happen within a company so that all internal functions can begin to operate in an integrated fashion....
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