Enabling the Demand-Driven Value Chain
For the next 10 to 15 years, customers will be morphing their supply chains as they take on demand-driven strategies. With executives increasingly outsourcing various business functions, the door opens for logistics service providers (LSP) to get into the executive office. Experience shows that successful relationships between an LSP and its customer are directly influenced by exceptional performance. Those providers that perform well are rewarded with trust and increased business. Tactical performance and lower costs alone, however, will not be sufficient to drive demand-driven, value-chain-based advantage. LSPs need to be sure the operating relationship can provide agility, adaptability and alignment as the provider will be expected to...
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At Long Last, Mazda Makes Its Move Into Mexico
The Japanese automaker lines up a network of dealers, then works to ensure that they are supplied with the right parts for maintenance and repair.

It isn't often that a well-known automaker gets to approach a major market with a clean slate. But that was the case when Mazda entered Mexico some two years ago.

Curiously, the Japanese manufacturer took its time before venturing into that promising market. Mazda has been selling in Canada since 1968, just one year after building its first rotary-engine vehicle, the 110S Cosmic Sport. In 1970, it set up a subsidiary for...
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Skateboarder Apparel, Footwear Firm Just Wants to Focus on Product Marketing
A small company, Four Star Distribution relies on an on-demand solution to ensure that its C1rca line of products can go head to head with those of the biggest competitors.

Anyone over 25 has probably never heard of Quick Silver, DVS, Vans and C1rca. All are footwear and apparel brands that are among about 200 or so that market to a worldwide generation transfixed by the sport and lifestyle of skateboarding. This surprisingly large brand-conscious market is hotly contested by many small and large consumer goods companies that are tuned into young people all over the world who eagerly buy the latest products showcased...
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Menlo Worldwide Logistics Offers Menu of Multi-Client Warehouse and Distribution-Management Services
Menlo Worldwide Logistics, LLC has introduced a multi-client network of logistics services. The third-party logistics subsidiary of Con-way Inc. said it can tailor its warehousing, distribution and transportation-management offerings to customers of every size. The services are supported by...
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HighJump Issues Advanced Billing Management for Logistics Providers
HighJump Software has released HighJump Billing Management, an application aimed at third-party logistics providers, logistics service providers and outsourced service providers. According to HighJump, the tool is designed to improve billing accuracy and capture charges on a client-by-client basis. Users can achieve...
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