Pharmaceutical--Bio-Tech News — June, 2008

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Clinical Trials Are Moving Out
Only 23% of 107 pharmaceutical and biotech companies rate their clinical trial management (CTM) processes as extremely effective, according to a recent AMR Research study. Another 70% believe they are under revision or, at best, slowly improving. Why?...
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'Be Prepared' Is Motto that All Companies Should Follow When It Comes to Recalls
Companies need a rigorous, multi-pronged approach to prevent faulty products from ever reaching the market, and careful plans for efficiently executing a recall should one become necessary.
Last summer's spate of headline-making product recalls was a frightening reminder to many companies of the quality and safety risks lurking in global supply chains. The loss of visibility and control that often occurs when sourcing and manufacturing move offshore is...
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Wyeth Finds BPM Has Great Value Beyond Supporting R&D
For a pharmaceutical company like Wyeth, no function is more important than research and development--the process of finding the new drugs that will lead to patents and profits. And for the information systems group that supports R&D, business process management (BPM) is...
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Pharma Supply Chain Really Needs End-to-End Visibility
Side effects from Baxter Healthcare's heparin blood-thinning drug made headlines in January. A month later, the big story involved problems with fentanyl patches. Last year, the spotlight was on...
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Microbiological Supply Chain Is Important. Really.
The micro hold area is truly the last great frontier for reducing process time and waste. Here's why: process manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cleansers and other consumer products regularly sample and test their raw materials or finished goods for microbiological contamination. The majority of them are...
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Penske Logistics Manages Cardinal Health Transportation, Hires About 700 Employees
Penske Logistics is taking over management of the dedicated fleet for Cardinal Health's medical supply chain business, and part of the transition involves...
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