Pharmaceutical--Bio-Tech News — March, 2009

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How Much Control Does Pharma Have Over Its Changing Supply Chain?
Because of margin and market growth pressures, life sciences supply chains are more dynamic than ever before. In 2009, best practice companies will continue to put in place data analysis processes and "human knowledge" collection procedures to spot red flags and safety risks in their end-to-end supply chains.

Life sciences companies have faced media and public scrutiny following supply chain security incidents that highlighted the challenge of managing trading networks that span the globe and the disparity of quality standards and controls across those networks. While new sources of raw materials and labor offer cost advantages, they need to be evaluated carefully in terms of potential risk and reward.

To gauge the strengths and vulnerabilities of the current life sciences supply chain, Marsh Inc.'s Supply Chain Risk Management Practice surveyed 66 pharmaceutical manufacturers in late 2008. Results suggest that pharmaceutical manufacturers, given the increasingly globalized and outsourced nature of the industry, do not have as much control over supply chain security as they may expect.

Study participants identified a number of areas in which they are concerned about potential supply chain vulnerabilities, including:...
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New Momentum Offers Anti-Counterfeiting Software to Pharma Companies
New Momentum, a vendor of hosted risk-management applications, is now offering its anti-counterfeiting software to pharmaceutical companies. The company's Enterprise Brand Intelligence product, based on advanced Web-mining technology, gives pharmaceutical manufacturers greater visibility into global internet activity on a round-the-clock basis, New Momentum claimed. A custom dashboard and e-mail alerts keep brand-security managers apprised of...
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Pharma Moves Beyond RFID to Combat Counterfeit Drugs
The World Health Organization estimates that 10 percent of the global pharmaceutical supply is counterfeit, and the number is accelerating, especially in developing nations.
It's not just Viagra. Increasingly, all types of fake pharmaceuticals are infiltrating the supply chain, from medicines for heart disease and diabetes to high cholesterol. This clearly means a drag on profits for Big Pharma companies. But unlike in, say, entertainment or software, the potential ramifications go far beyond the balance sheet. "The consequences are quite severe," says Dean Hart, executive VP of NanoGuardian, a maker of anti-counterfeiting technology.
NanoGuardian, a spin-off of Skokie, Ill., nanotechnology company NanoInk, is nearing the final stages of bringing a...
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Schenker Expands Temperature-Controlled Services With Envirotainer
Schenker AG is expanding its service offering in the transportation of temperature-controlled cargoes, through a new global master lease agreement with Envirotainer AB. DB Schenker will utilize Envirotainer's active temperature-controlled air-cargo containers to meet the requirements of customers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The service will...
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Pharma Has Been Slow to Adopt Software as a Service
Software as a service has matured quickly due to improvements in infrastructure and internet technologies. However, pharma companies have typically been reluctant to embrace the delivery model, for multiple reasons, including...
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