Pharmaceutical--Bio-Tech News — September, 2008

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Just Who Is the Customer, Anyway?
In the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, producers are used to working with wholesalers to reach hospitals and doctors--their idea of the ultimate customer. Hussain Mooraj, research director with AMR Research, discusses the need to put the real customer--the patient--front and center in the minds of...
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Manufacturers Tackle a Growing Problem
An estimated 10 percent of pharmaceuticals sold worldwide are thought to be counterfeit. And the situation is growing even more critical. Bill McBeath, managing director in the Supply Chain Risk Intelligence Group of Marsh, talks about how companies can approach the issue, through the application of state-of-the-art technology as well as new business processes. Manufacturers must work closely with wholesalers and retailers to ensure the integrity of drugs as they flow through...
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SupplyScape Enhances Product Serialization, Optimization for Life Sciences
SupplyScape Corp, a provider of software for the life sciences supply chain, has developed an enhanced system for product serialization and supply-chain optimization. The new capabilities are made possible by Nexus, a network-based platform for...
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Chemicals, Life Sciences the Fastest-Globalizing Industries?
You're globalizing--fast. At one end of the supply chain, your company is expanding its global supply base in low-cost regions. At the other end, it's selling into new markets in countries you never heard of. And in the middle, it's...
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Pharmaceutical Marketing Solution Integrates with SaaS Model
Pharmaceutical sales reps must now be much more efficient at displaying marketing information and retrieving data relevant to a particular physician because they are allowed less time with physicians. Now there's a cutting-edge...
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Central, Eastern Europe Becomes Less Attractive to Big Pharma
For makers of generic pharmaceuticals, markets in Central and Eastern Europe have presented a compelling story in recent years. Players have reaped considerable profits, often enjoying operating margins in excess of 20 percent. And these drug makers are not exclusively local;...
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