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Multi-Channel Retailing Initiatives Continue as Digital Consumer Needs Evolve
According to a survey of 120 retail enterprises taken by Aberdeen between December 2008 and January 2009 to determine the current state of multi-channel retailing, the implementation of digital and mobile channels continues to grow. Aberdeen data reveals that 58% of retailers surveyed have had a multi-channel initiative in place for at least one year. Best-in-Class companies are 1.5 times as likely as Industry Average and Laggard companies to have implemented these initiatives in that time.

Aberdeen data shows that continued evolution in customer content consumption habits and channel affinity is dictating new digital and multi-channel retail initiatives. The high-touch and high-involvement shopping environments such as consumer electronics, apparel, luxury, department stores, and other specialty segments are ideal entrants in this shift towards "a digital customer."

A third of Best-in-Class retailers are also developing programs for new channels, such as the mobile channel, at a higher level than Industry Average and Laggard companies. "Despite the fact that such programs have so far had greater success and scalability in some Asia-Pacific and European Union countries, the emergence of new retail channels such as mobile does enable the retailer's ability to serve an untapped customer base or buying affinity of existing customers," says Sahir Anand, senior analyst and chief author of the digital and multi-channel retailing report.

The multi-channel retailing experience continues to grow as consumers...
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The State of the Retail Supply Chain (2009)
A team comprising academics and retail executives in the U.S. and Canada fill in the information gaps that hinder a solid understanding of the challenges facing managers of the retail supply chain....
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Focus Is on Return on Assets, Inventory Turns and Revenue Growth
Retailers are making a fundamental shift in the way they do business by creating value networks that coordinate processes and technology to understand, shape and respond more efficiently to consumer demand. Leading supply chain organizations recognize the link between responsive networks and improved supply chain performance.

While metrics such as return on assets (ROA), inventory turns and revenue growth resonates across organizations, retailers recognize the nuances of their segment and the specific drivers of performance. For example:

• Fast-moving Consumer Goods--Heavy investment in real estate and inventory drives focus on ROA and inventory turns.

• General Merchandise--A keen interest by Wall Street shines a spotlight on revenue growth. When both are positive and gaining and profit growth leads, share prices tend to improve.

• Apparel--Seasonality and current trends place a premium on inventory turns, a metric made trickier to achieve by the ability of the retailer to innovate quickly to match those trends.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

A recent AMR Research and National Retail Federation IT budget study indicated ...
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Wal-Mart Relaunches Its Private Label Brand Strategy
Wal-Mart is relaunching its Great Value private brand, the largest food label in the country, in an attempt to woo even more cash strapped consumers. Citing a study conducted by Gfk, a market research firm, Wal-Mart says that more consumers are switching from...
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Eqos Rolls Out Enterprise 5.0 for Global Retailer Sourcing
Eqos, a provider of global sourcing and supplier-management software for the retail supply chain, has made available version 5.0 of Eqos Enterprise. The update streamlines processes and improves the productivity of buyers and their various supply-chain partners, including agents and factories, Eqos claimed. New productivity menus improve the ability of buying teams to prioritize...
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Who and What Is RILA - The Retail Industry Leaders Association?
Members of the trade association include the most successful and most "iconic" brands in the industry. RILA acts as their liaison to Congress, and is involved in such areas as supply chain, education, research, benchmarking, networking, finance, asset protection, data security and sustainability....
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