Luxury Goods Retail: A Value Chain Worth Knocking Off
March 2008 financial results and recent consumer sentiment surveys confirm many executives' fears that retail is getting hit by the economic uncertainty consumers are feeling. The reported drops in revenue include some particularly steep percentages across retail segments, from specialty apparel to luxury department stores, further evidence of how broad based this downturn may be in the consumer segments.

The luxury retail segment offers important lessons on how to improve the customer experience, integrate demand-driven methods into product design and execution, and develop industry leading innovative methods to maintain loyalty. We offer the following lessons to help retailers and manufacturers integrate similar best practices into their own operations....
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Future Consumer: How Shopper Needs and Behavior Will Impact Tomorrow's Value Chain
The consumer products and retail worlds are changing. And the speed of change is rapidly accelerating. To understand why and what the impact will be, Capgemini surveyed over 2,000 consumers. The objective of the "Future Consumer" research conducted by Capgemini was to gain a better understanding of consumer needs and behavior over the coming years. Of course, it is impossible to know how consumers really will behave in the future--they don't know this themselves. Nevertheless,...
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Customer-Centric Assortment Planning:
Taking a customer-centric approach to assortment planning can help retailers optimize local assortment, resulting in increased sales, lower costs and an improved in-store experience. The future consumer demands customization in assortment, pricing and promotions. In a perfect world, the merchandise on a retailer's shelf exactly matches consumer demand. The closer a company can move its planning and execution to perfection, the greater its revenues, quicker its response and better its in-stock positions.

Retailers--regardless of product, market or geography--experience differences in customer behavior in their stores due to many reasons, including:...
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Oracle Releases Demand Signal Repository for Consumer Goods Companies
Oracle Corp. has made available Oracle Demand Signal Repository. The new application, aimed at consumer goods manufacturers, helps users to capture, cleanse and harmonize large volumes of external demand data. It also integrates...
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TradeStone Software Issues Version 2008 of Application for Merchandise Lifecycle Management
TradeStone Software, a vendor of applications for private label and global sourcing, has released TradeStone Version 2008. The software supports merchandise lifecycle management. The newest version features...
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Snowboard Distributor Signs Up Menlo Worldwide
Burton Snowboards has established a new distribution center in Southern California with Menlo Worldwide Logistics. Based in Walnut, CA., the new DC will enable Burton to expand product availability and provide faster fulfillment of orders for its retail customers on the West Coast.
The facility will handle distribution of...
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