SC Finance & Revenue Management. — January, 2009

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This Is No Time to Put Off Investing in Your Supply Chain
During these tough economic times, it is a challenge for companies to predict customer demand well--as a result; they are likely to end up with either excess inventory or stockouts. However, both these results are very expensive in these times. Due to tight credit markets...
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Still Too Much Cash in Your Operations?
Regal Beloit Corp. CFO David Barta has taken approximately 30 days out of his company's cash cycle over the past four years. But he and the rest of the leadership team at the $1.8bn maker of motion-control products want more. "Our commitment to the board this year is to take another 3 days out of the cycle," Barta says. "That is not a huge stretch, but it is...
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The Financial Supply Chain, Explained
Trade finance, which has been around for centuries, is only part of the multi-faceted world of supply chain finance. Viktoriya Sadlovska, Aberdeen Group research analyst, walks the viewer through this often confusing world, discussing methods and terms of payment, enabling information technology, factoring, credit insurance, third-party financing of inventory, and other areas. She also talks about the importance of squeezing cash out of the supply chain through working capital optimization--without negatively affecting customer relations....
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UPS Sticks to IT Investment Plans Despite the Economy
When it comes to business technology strategy, UPS is everything that companies are tempted to abandon in an economic downturn.
UPS is an early adopter of emerging technology, working closely with vendors, sometimes for years, to influence development. It makes big, long-term bets on tech-enabled business projects. And with a $1 billion IT budget, it's planning...
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The Link Between Procurement, Management of Supply Chain Finance
A capital-equipment manufacturer that was diligent about auditing suppliers on a number of criteria found a weak link in the supply base. The weak link was a sole-source supplier of a critical component. Normally, such a discovery would be hailed as an example of the benefits of rigorous supply-chain-finance risk management.
Not this time.
The manufacturer didn't discover the problem until the supplier--facing severe cash-flow problems--closed shop, without warning, in the middle...
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Avoid 'Spreadsheet Olympics' with Business Intelligence
Companies are often afloat in data from their disparate ERP, CRM, budgeting and other systems. The difficulty is in assembling and analyzing all this information--avoiding the hurdles of the 'spreadsheet Olympics.' Business intelligence solutions offer powerful and effective tools to help you put this information to use. Traditionally, that came at some cost as BI solutions weren't inexpensive. That's changing, according to Bill Copacino, president and CEO of OCO Inc. BI is now available on demand and as software as a service. This revolutionary approach helps you harness the power of your own data....
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