Software Architecture & SOA — November, 2008

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It's Not Just for Manufacturing Anymore
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are undergoing big changes, in terms of functionality and suitability for multiple industries. Lee Geishecker, vice president and general manager with AMR Research, talks about how the term has broadened to include many different business applications and industries. Traditional ERP vendors are offering a wide range of supply-chain applications that integrate with the backbone technology. Meanwhile, so-called best-of-breed vendors continue to offer systems that address discrete areas of the supply chain, such as transportation and warehousing. Geishecker discusses two other related trends-service-oriented architecture (SOA), offering a means of integrating disparate systems on one platform, and software as a service (SaaS), whereby numerous applications are provided in a hosted, "on-demand" version....
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How to Kill Your Software Selection Project in 10 Very Easy Steps
Want to join the ranks of the hapless and the crushed? Want to become an oft-cited statistic in software selection horror stories? Here's how, in 10 easy steps.

1. Fail to get user buy-in: Users, bless their souls, just won't use an application they don't want to use. Especially if they feel it's been foisted on them by a team who doesn't understand their needs. The result? Workarounds. And a system that only works on paper. Getting user buy-in is crucial at the requirements-gathering stage, as well as during the rest of the selection process. The best way to get buy-in from a group is to offer them a voice--and proof that you're listening.
2. Fail to get executive buy-in: Going maverick, are you? If senior management doesn't explicitly buy into the need to implement a new enterprise application, you will not have the backing you need to make the difficult decisions all major projects inevitably require. And that can translate into an incapacitating lack of room to maneuver. Head, meet chopping block. Chopping block, meet--whoops! Huh, slippery bugger, innit?
3. Automate the wrong business processes (AKA "Look Ma, I'm doing the wrong thing, much, MUCH faster!"): The benefit of implementing an enterprise software application (such as enterprise resource planning) is...
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Business Objects Develops New Version of Unified BI Platform

Business Objects has developed version 3.1 of Business Objects XI, the vendor's unified business intelligence (BI) platform. The tool gives users access to information regardless of format, shape, size or location. The update offers integration with data sources from a variety of vendors, including HP, Microsoft, Netezza and Oracle. It provides simplified access to transaction data, along with...
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Bright Future Seen for Service Oriented Architecture
"I'm really excited about SOA," says Gianni Giacomelli, head of BPO Strategy and Marketing at SAP. "Conceptually, it's a revolution in outsourcing that will take it to the next level."
Software implementations today are constrained by yesterday's way of writing code. As Giacomelli explains, software developers wrote hundreds of thousands of lines of code that, together, handle a business process (such as finance and accounting). But the code is...
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SOA Can Help Deliver Better Value in E-Commerce
SOA, or service-oriented architecture, can be just another entry in the mushrooming jumble of acronyms and alphabet soups business technology users must digest. The world of e-commerce is undergoing a transition toward greater use of SOA. Its proponents claim that SOA holds real promise to drive further adoption and greater efficiency for e-commerce.
SOA can be a powerful asset for IT organizations, enabling them to...
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Compiere Issues Warehouse-Management App on Open-Source Platform
Compiere, Inc. has released what it claims is industry's first warehouse-management system (WMS) software to be built on an open-source platform. Integrated with the vendor's enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, Compiere Warehouse Management is intended to...
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